When It’s Not About the Nail – Thinking About Effective Communication

Effective Communication for Change: Recognize Problem. Identify Cause. Dispense Solution. Rinse, lather, and repeat. For a lot of people, myself included at times; this process is automatic for the brain. Someone you love has a problem, you can identify that problem, and you feel the need to fix the problem or tell them how to […]


Stress and Resiliency – Part 1: A Physiological Point of View

This is Part 1 of a two-part article on the effects of chronic stress and building resiliency against stress. Part one explores the physiological effects of chronic stress on the body and brain. Part 2 will discuss the role of resiliency in protecting against chronic stress and explore ways to build resiliency.   Historical Presentation […]


The Family Effect: Advice for Dad’s who Lives are Effected by Substance Abuse

In May we looked at Mother’s dealing with Substance Abuse in loved ones. In June, we are turning focus onto the unique challenges Fathers face in the world of recovery a share similar advice.  Being a Dad and having to deal with a child or loved one with addiction is a challenge on many, many […]


The Academic Insight: Tai Chi to Treat Major Depressive Disorder

A recent study has shown that the ancient practice of Tai Chi may contribute to reducing symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). This study, conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, looked at the effects a 12-week tai chi program had on Chinese-Americans suffering from Major […]


From Mother to Mother, Having a Child with Substance Use Disorder

There are certain “things” you can’t understand until you experience them. Being a mother is one of them. Having a loved one who suffers from Substance Use Disorder is another. The combination of the two was absolutely devastating. It occupied my every thought; it clouded my ability to enjoy normal activities and caused me to […]


The Family Effect: Advice for Mom’s who Lives are Effected by Substance Abuse

In May, we are turning focus onto the unique challenges mothers face in the world of recovery.  Being a mother and having to deal with a child or loved one with addiction is a challenge on many, many levels.  In the spirit of Mother’s Day we will examine some advice for Mothers who have loved […]


“Spring Cleaning” for Recovery: What to do about summer?

As March turns to April in New England, one day we are watching the news anticipating a blizzard, and the next, the birds are chirping and the Red Sox start playing at Fenway Park. This seasonal change happens fast! Just as suddenly, summer will be here. Students look forward to their summer breaks, families prepare […]


Mayor De Blasio, New York City Announce New Plan to Combat Opiod Deaths

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city of New York have announced a new plan to invest $38 million toward the ambitious goal of reducing heroin and opioid overdose deaths by 35% over five years, per the NYTimes. These funds will use to bolster efforts in a number of critical areas: expanded access to methadone and […]


The Academic Insight – Autism: Remembering parents in parent-mediated early intervention: An approach to examining impact on parents and families

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have seen a dramatic increase in prevalence.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 1 in every 68 kids receive this diagnosis.  Many individuals with this diagnosis require intensive interventions as early as toddler-hood.  These early interventions target core deficits of ASD and can have significant impact on brain development and […]


Long Term Strategies: Advice from those in Sustained Recovery

  I have had the privilege to get to know a lot of people who have been able to pull themselves out of the pit that is addiction and gain long periods of abstinence. Reaching this place of long-term recovery is impressive and can seem impossible when just starting the recovery journey. When talking with […]