Legal Marijuana: Substance Abuse Recovery Implications

It’s election day eve, as the nation ponders Clinton vs. Trump, which way the senate will swing, and countless other anxiety provoking questions about the future. Massachusetts voters will weigh in on Ballot Question 4, which would legalize recreational use of marijuana. The Boston Globe – which published in Op-Ed supporting a yes on 4 […]

Treating Eating Disorders: The Importance of Self Care

Clinicians who work with eating disorders are highly dedicated professionals. Since eating disorders revolve around some very fundamental human experiences—eating to survive and how we feel about our bodies and ourselves—the work can stir up one’s own personal feelings about eating, body weight, and self-esteem. Taking time for physical and psychological self-care can be overlooked […]

Body Image and The Media: Examining its Effects on our Own Perceptions

I recently participated in raising student awareness of the different types of eating disorders and informed them about biological, psychological, and environmental factors that influence eating disorders.  The most memorable environmental factor discussed was how the media promote unrealistic standards of beauty and physical appearance. With this in mind, I thought a quick reminder of how the […]

Knowing Your Options: Finding a Recovery Program that Works for You

Knowing your Options In the world of addiction recovery finding a supportive community or program can go a long way in aiding in the healing process. Whether you are the individual struggling with substance abuse or it is a loved one struggling, there are programs out there to help. Finding the right support is not […]

The Burden of Academic Success

Today, according to the American Psychological Association, eighty-three percent of teens believe that academic success is a somewhat or significant source of stress. In fact, fifty-four percent of teens feel impacts of stress on their physical health. In the same way that the media portrays unrealistic beauty standards, our society’s overwhelming emphasis on attending schools […]

10 Tips to Deal With Academic Stress, From One Student to Another

1. To Do Lists Outline the set of tasks that you have to complete. Once you can visualize what you have to do, you won’t be daunted by your assignments. 2. Budget Your Time Plan out your day, minute-by-minute. With this schedule, you will have the confidence and tools to complete all your tasks. 3. […]

Professional Profile: Ronna Fried Ed.D

PhD, PsyD, EdD, LCSW, LMHC, MD. This list represents just a few of the credentials mental health professionals may possess. But, before beginning my work at O’Connor Professional Group, most of these would have seemed like nothing but nonsensical strings of letters. Like most young people just about to enter college or graduate school, I […]

Professional Profile: Nicholas Covino, PsyD

When I asked Nicholas Covino, PsyD why he began working in the education of mental health professionals, he responded, “Young people think that if they focus on the right path, it will work for them. I’m quite certain, because I’ve got the benefit of years to look back on, most of the goods things that […]

Teens and Screens: 7 Untraditional Tips to Get Out from Behind Electronics

It is no news flash that the amount of time children and teens today spend in front of screens far surpasses that of previous generations. In fact, a variety of research and public polling proves that upwards of 50% of young people suffer from what is called a ‘phone addiction.’ According to a poll conducted […]

Feminism and Mental Health

We all know the statistic: on average, a women makes 79 cents for every dollar a man earns. However, did you know that women are 40% more likely than men to develop a mental illness (The Guardian)? In fact, women are 75% more likely to be depressed and 60% more likely to suffer from an […]