Eating Disorders Awareness – Get Screened, Get Help, Get Involved

  The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting individuals and families whose lives are touched by the devastation of eating disorders. NEDA provides resources for navigating treatment options, psychoeducation for support systems, and stories of hope in life in recovery. NEDA’s most anticipated time of year is at the end of February for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. This year from February 26th through […]

Mindfulness Made Simple: A Look into the Concept

Mindfulness has proven to be effective in lowering relapse rates in substance use disorders as well as proving effective in lowering anxiety symptoms and stress levels across diagnosis. It’s not much of a surprise that we are hearing about mindfulness-based treatments and mindfulness-based practice all over the treatment world given its shown effectiveness. It is […]

Single and Sober: Tips for Getting Back into the Dating Scene

Booze, the ultimate social analgesic, has lubricated the dating arena since malt, hops and grapes were first used in fermentation.  Throw in our 21st century party culture and it seems difficult to separate dating from drinking.  Dealing with social situations in general while in recovery can be a scary, but having to navigate the dating […]

The Ins and Outs of New Years Resolutions: Strategies for Achieving your Goal

The start of a New Year represents a new beginning and for a lot of people a time to start practicing newer better habits.  Theses declarations of change usually take the form of a New Years resolution.  However, New Year’s resolutions are often broad overarching goals and can be fraught with disappointment and unrealized expectations. We resolve to be our perfect, thinner, kinder and more productive selves […]

Psychology’s Dilemma

“Pop Psychology” and “psychobabble” are two terms that are often used in a pejorative sense to describe elements of the field of psychology. No other science has earned such monikers that belittle the institutions and research upon which they are founded. The roots of these negative expressions can be linked to a long colorful history […]

Schmoozing Without Boozing: Tips for Navigating Holiday Parties Without Drinking

Schmoozing Without Boozing   With the holidays come parties, Yankee swaps, fiestas, and soirees of all kinds.  There is a large drinking culture that is associated with the holiday season and navigating these occasions in early recovery can be a major challenge.   Sometimes it is a good idea to avoid these situations while still […]

Legal Marijuana: Substance Abuse Recovery Implications

It’s election day eve, as the nation ponders Clinton vs. Trump, which way the senate will swing, and countless other anxiety provoking questions about the future. Massachusetts voters will weigh in on Ballot Question 4, which would legalize recreational use of marijuana. The Boston Globe – which published in Op-Ed supporting a yes on 4 […]

Treating Eating Disorders: The Importance of Self Care

Clinicians who work with eating disorders are highly dedicated professionals. Since eating disorders revolve around some very fundamental human experiences—eating to survive and how we feel about our bodies and ourselves—the work can stir up one’s own personal feelings about eating, body weight, and self-esteem. Taking time for physical and psychological self-care can be overlooked […]