Recovery Coaching with Heroin Addicts on Cape Cod

Recovery coaching services are still widely unknown, even amongst treatment circles. Few families in crisis, or with families with sons or daughters in inpatient substance abuse treatment, are aware that such services exist. In early recovery, it’s hard to overstate the value of a hands-on partner and support person to help a newly sober addict […]

OPG cited as a model of the New Paradigm of Recovery

For the families of individuals coping with substance use disorders, the recovery process can often seem like one step forward and two steps back. Relapse is accepted as an inevitable phase in the disease of addiction. The truth is, however, that sustained recovery – not relapse – can and should be a realistic goal for […]

Soberlink: 21st Century Alcohol Monitoring

A critical component of our case management and recovery coaching services is alcohol monitoring. We have been surprised at how well our clients have responded to monitoring – it’s been a highly effective motivational tool in our arsenal as we help people navigate early recovery. We have partnered with soberlink to provide state-of-the-art remote breahtalyzers. […]

Body Image in the Media: INFOGRAPHIC

In our work with eating disorder clients, body image as portrayed by the media is a virtually constant issue. Our culture is bombarded by a news cycle that constantly churns out unrealistic body ideals is in the background of a lot of eating disorders. Our friends at NEDA produced a nice infographic with some stats […]

Cuisinart Head: My Mom Was Spinning From My Brother’s Addiction

This post, by our CEO Arden O’Connor, originally appeared on Partnership for a Drug Free America. It describes the phenomenon of ‘Cuisinart-Head’ that many parents we work with experience on the world tour of detoxes, treatment centers, and therapists they embark upon when caring for addicted children. We use this experience to help families end […]