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The Family Effect: Advice for Mom’s who Lives are Effected by Substance Abuse

In May, we are turning focus onto the unique challenges mothers face in the world of recovery.  Being a mother and having to deal with a child or loved one with addiction is a challenge on many, many levels.  In the spirit of Mother’s Day we will examine some advice for Mothers who have loved […]

“Spring Cleaning” for Recovery: What to do about summer?

As March turns to April in New England, one day we are watching the news anticipating a blizzard, and the next, the birds are chirping and the Red Sox start playing at Fenway Park. This seasonal change happens fast! Just as suddenly, summer will be here. Students look forward to their summer breaks, families prepare […]

Knowing Your Options: Finding a Recovery Program that Works for You

Knowing your Options In the world of addiction recovery finding a supportive community or program can go a long way in aiding in the healing process. Whether you are the individual struggling with substance abuse or it is a loved one struggling, there are programs out there to help. Finding the right support is not […]

Teens and Screens: 7 Untraditional Tips to Get Out from Behind Electronics

It is no news flash that the amount of time children and teens today spend in front of screens far surpasses that of previous generations. In fact, a variety of research and public polling proves that upwards of 50% of young people suffer from what is called a ‘phone addiction.’ According to a poll conducted […]

Relapse, Shame, and Recovery

The circle of chairs for morning process group blurs over the years for the chronic relapser. Faces meld together. With each treatment admission the same rhetoric resurfaces, “ Do I know you? You look familiar. Where are you from?” Sometimes you know the person, sometimes you don’t. One face stood out for his unique situation. […]

When Addiction and Relationships Collide

Booze, the ultimate social analgesic, has lubricated the dating arena since malt, hops and grapes were first used in fermentation. These magical elixirs afford many the dubious luxury of lowered inhibition and casual romantic encounters. Occasionally, these encounters blossom into something greater, perhaps a real relationship or even a marriage. But what about people who […]

Screens, Distractibility & ADHD

“Children surrounded by fast-paced visual stimuli (TV, videos, computer games) at the expense of face-to-face adult modeling, interactive language, reflective problem- solving, creative play, and sustained attention may be expected to arrive at school unprepared for academic learning—and to fall farther behind and become increasingly “unmotivated” as the years go by.”
― Jane M. Healy, Endangered […]

Families in Crisis: Unable to See the Forest for the Trees

I hate when my mother is right. She has been a wonderful role model, and remains one of the kindest people I know. She possesses one characteristic that cuts both ways- a well-honed level of skepticism, a “spidey” sense when someone is lying or something is wrong. It drove me crazy in high school when […]

The Hurdle of Entitlement

Joe is a charming 30-year-old man who after graduating from college, returned to his hometown and began working for his family business. Unbeknownst to his parents, he returned with an addiction to opiates and for the last several years he has held his family hostage to his disorder. He rarely goes to work, yet expects […]

Can You Cultivate Willingness?

            In the realm of substance abuse, there are three types of people who walk through the door at an inpatient treatment center, an outpatient clinic, or a clinician’s office: 1) People ready to stop, 2) People not ready to stop, and 3) People on the fence. The first group tends to turn it around […]