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From Mother to Mother, Having a Child with Substance Use Disorder

There are certain “things” you can’t understand until you experience them. Being a mother is one of them. Having a loved one who suffers from Substance Use Disorder is another. The combination of the two was absolutely devastating. It occupied my every thought; it clouded my ability to enjoy normal activities and caused me to […]

The Family Effect: Advice for Mom’s who Lives are Effected by Substance Abuse

In May, we are turning focus onto the unique challenges mothers face in the world of recovery.  Being a mother and having to deal with a child or loved one with addiction is a challenge on many, many levels.  In the spirit of Mother’s Day we will examine some advice for Mothers who have loved […]

“Spring Cleaning” for Recovery: What to do about summer?

As March turns to April in New England, one day we are watching the news anticipating a blizzard, and the next, the birds are chirping and the Red Sox start playing at Fenway Park. This seasonal change happens fast! Just as suddenly, summer will be here. Students look forward to their summer breaks, families prepare […]

Families in Crisis: Unable to See the Forest for the Trees

I hate when my mother is right. She has been a wonderful role model, and remains one of the kindest people I know. She possesses one characteristic that cuts both ways- a well-honed level of skepticism, a “spidey” sense when someone is lying or something is wrong. It drove me crazy in high school when […]

The Hurdle of Entitlement

Joe is a charming 30-year-old man who after graduating from college, returned to his hometown and began working for his family business. Unbeknownst to his parents, he returned with an addiction to opiates and for the last several years he has held his family hostage to his disorder. He rarely goes to work, yet expects […]

Residential Treatment: How Can Families Get the Most for Their Investment?

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). This was devastating news for my family; I was a healthy 26-year old woman, on the verge of going to Harvard Business School and my life was turned upside down.  At the same time, my brother fought the battle of his life against heroin […]

Parents and Their Role in Addiction Recovery

Sending young adults to college in this age of addiction and excess can be frightening for parents. Rigid rules about substance use seem unrealistic, yet an attitude that implies a complete flexibility about experimentation with substances is dangerous. Given the seriousness of the risks and the statistical prevalence of substance use disorders on college campuses, […]

[Video] Feeding the “Recovery Wolf” – The Science Behind Practice Makes Perfect

When you practice something again and again it becomes habit. Your brain reorganizes itself to embed any new practice – whether it be math, yoga, or addiction recovery- within its memory, allowing that practice to become more easily accessible. Diana Clark, our Director of Family Services, explains the science behind practice makes perfect and how […]

Smoothing the transition from addiction treatment to daily life

Return to reality – Now what? This post originally appeared in September 2014 at For almost all families, 28 days in treatment passes far too quickly. It seems like you’ve just breathed a sigh of relief that your loved one is safely stashed away, and bang! It’s discharge day! Now the hard work of […]