Consultations: All Diagnoses

Consultations for OPG Services:

Individuals and families interested in our services begin with a consultation with one or more team members. Our team members meet with clients and their families, when appropriate, to gather the following information: history of symptoms and behaviors, previous treatment, family history, risk level, and level of functioning. If the client has existing clinical providers or is leaving residential treatment, OPG team members will request documentation and information. We will generate a list of recommendations; assign OPG professional(s) and price services for the family and/or individual to review. The cost for the consultation is non-refundable, whether or not the client signs on for services.

Diagnostic Assessments:

A diagnostic assessment does not presume a client’s interest in our services, but instead serves as an independent tool to determine the level of severity of the presenting behavioral health issue. Diagnostic assessments comprise the following:

  • In-depth interview addressing past behavioral patterns, full bio-psychosocial history, family dynamics and co-occurring issues
  • 2-4 assessment questionnaires, chosen specifically for the individual
  • Discussion with previous clinical providers and family members when relevant

The accompanying detailed report will make appropriate recommendations for the client, based on severity, functional or health impairments, lifestyle, family dynamics, co-occurring issues, available resources and the client’s interests and strengths. A breakdown is as follows:

  • Determination of the severity of symptoms
  • Psycho-educational summary of symptom presentation
  • Therapeutic recommendations that may include: medication consultation, specific individual therapy, 12-step meetings, recovery or life skill coaching, stress reduction methods, sleep or pain assessment, medical assessment and additional treatment suggestions


Treatment Placement Consultations:

Given the strong presence of web advertising and many choices in behavioral health programs and providers, it can be difficult to discern the most appropriate and reputable treatment choices. OPG remains current on changes in the field by visiting treatment centers and utilizing our extensive network of professionals, allowing us to connect clients to clinically appropriate, high-quality residential options.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Clinical Consultations:

For clients presenting with several co-occurring behavioral health issues, OPG offers a comprehensive team consultation. Initial information from family members and clinical providers (past or present) will be gathered and the OPG team will select relevant specialists to participate in a thorough evaluation. The consultation will result in a detailed report with recommendations for appropriate treatment services, resources and providers for the individual or family in their local area.