Family, Advisor, and Employer Services

Treatment resources for behavioral health issues often focus on the individual, while family members are still in need of their own healing process.  Research indicates that long-term stability for clients is achieved when the family system is healthy.  OPG offers family coaching and supportive services to parents, siblings and children as either: 1.) an integral part of case management, coaching and recovery companion assignments, or 2.) a separate service for family systems in situations where an individual may not be ready to engage in treatment. Our family coaches have expertise in addiction, eating disorders, mood and personality disorders and mental health issues.  The coaches provide psycho-education about relevant diagnoses and guidance about caring for loved ones, while still implementing limits and boundaries.  They also provide support during crises.  Services can also be applied to employers and advisors.

Here is a great article about how best to deal with addiction when it arises in a beneficiary or client offspring.


Family, Advisor and Employer Coaching
(In-Person or Remote):

Coaching can be done in person, via phone or through a secure web portal that can include:


  • Psycho-education about addiction, eating disorders, mood and personality disorders or other mental health issues
  • Referrals to family focused therapeutic resources and groups
  • Implementing services, tracking and reporting of progress
  • Assistance in managing crisis situations (e.g., relapse), with after-hours support
  • Facilitating communication within the family, business or advisor system
  • Assistance with problem solving when approaching high-risk situations (e.g., family/social events, holidays, returning to work/school)
  • Support for daily logistics (e.g., insurance interface, funds disbursement)
  • Strategies for resource allocation for a person with a behavioral health issue (e.g., advising on governance language for trust documents)
  • Development of family, employer or advisor contracts with clear expectations for all parties

Workshops and Facilitated Meetings:

Individuals with untreated behavioral health issues impact their family systems, family businesses and places of employment.  Our workshops and facilitated meetings range from PowerPoint presentations to discussions intended to find the best strategies to cope with the individual’s challenges and behavior.

OPG has a broad range of expertise ranging from family system dynamics to experiential education.  We offer customized workshops and facilitated discussions for families, schools, advisors, employers and others.

Possible topics include the following:

  • Neuroscience of Addiction
  • The Genetic Role in Behavioral Health Issues
  • Impact of a Behavioral Health Issue on a Family System
  • Parental Strategies for a “Failure to Thrive” Young Adult
  • An Interactive Approach to Substance Abuse Prevention for Adolescents and Young Adults
  • Mindfulness-Based Adventure Experience
  • Developing a Recovery Lifestyle: Beyond the Initial 30 Days of Treatment
  • Failure to Thrive: Issues for the Next Generation

Financial Management:

Many of our clients experience challenges in adhering to a budgets or in managing their finances. Families or financial advisors can partner with OPG to create better oversight over the individual’s spending.  OPG can designate a separate bank account for a client and receive funding through the family directly, providing a breakdown of expenditures with receipts on a monthly basis. Additionally, OPG can also help to facilitate the use of a specific and limited credit card.  We intend to foster healthy spending habits and to decrease impulsive spending behavior by our clients. Our services allow families and individuals to focus on their healing process, instead of continually dealing with funding issues.