Other Services

Wilderness Intensives:

OPG provides an intensive, transitional, outdoor experience for clients interested in initial exposure to wilderness activities.  We also offer a refresher course for someone with a wilderness-based background. Under expert facilitation and leading industry standards, OPG can customize an experience for those individuals seeking their own unique path to recovery. Wilderness Intensives offer a bridge between nature and the developed world.  Program benefits and possible activities include:*

  • Transitional support with experienced outdoor educators tailored to individual needs
  • The ability to revisit the wilderness or adventure world with continuation of skill building and facilitated reflective time
  • Front-country camping: duration 2-4 days. Camping, day hiking, fishing, campfire cooking classes
  • Back-country camping: duration 3-6 days. Backpacking, back-country skill building (back-country cooking, camp craft, navigation), solo experience possible
  • Rock climbing: duration 2-6 days. Single pitch, multi pitch, bouldering, camping
  • Water based: duration 2-5 days. Whitewater, flat water and sea: kayaking, rafting and canoeing
  • Skiing/Boarding: duration 2-6 days. Front-country skiing, back-country skiing, winter camping
  • International Adventure and Service: 2-4 week programs based on service, outdoor pursuits and cultural diversity

* Activities are not limited to this list only and adventures are always designed in conjunction with participant.  Experiences could focus on a single skill or sport, or be a combination of multiple skills and sports.  All programs can be facilitated anywhere in the country (weather and terrain permitting).


Private mindfulness and yoga sessions:

Our team and our colleagues believe strongly in the benefits of both yoga and meditation as a part of recovery and healthy living. Clients often report that going to yoga classes initially feels uncomfortable.  Therefore, we routinely set up 1-on-1, or 1-on-2 yoga sessions with yoga teachers who also have a background in recovery.  They meet with clients privately and teach them the basics of yoga, or guide them through practice with hands-on instruction about proper pose technique.  We offer similar services for mindfulness meditation practice.