Recovery Companions: All Diagnoses

OPG’s Recovery Companions provide individuals with safe and supported transitions back into independent lives in recovery. Recovery Companions can respond rapidly to client needs, offer intensive support, stabilize individuals in crises and empower change ─ while seamlessly blending into social and professional circles.  They work collaboratively with treatment teams and are closely supervised.

Our companions are also available to facilitate safe transports for clients to and from treatment facilities, hospitals, homes, or other locations. We handle travel logistics, including plane tickets, security challenges, delays and ground transportation solutions. The Recovery Companion accompanies individuals through potentially stressful and unsafe situations (e.g., navigating unfamiliar areas, attending stressful events), ensuring safe arrivals at the intended destinations.

OPG Recovery Companions are:

  • Available nationally and internationally in a timely manner
  • Supported by administrative infrastructure to allow for smooth logistical planning, appropriate service coordination and client safety
  • Collaborative with treatment team members and families
  • Matched appropriately to fit client needs, skilled and able to accommodate a range of behavioral health issues (addiction, mood and personality disorders, eating disorders)
  • Able to fulfill short (1-2 days) and long-term assignments (weeks or months)

Examples of recovery companion services by diagnosis:

  • Substance Abuse: Recovery Companion picks a client up from his/her home, takes him/her to the airport and provides a supportive transition into residential treatment
  • Eating Disorders: Recovery Companion offers intensive meal supervision and monitors for compensatory behaviors (e.g., purging or exercising) with client receiving intensive outpatient services
  • Mental Health: Recovery Companion assists a client in integrating socially into the community and creating an organized home environment