Educational Material

Model Language for Addressing Substance Use Disorders (Addiction) in Trust Documents: Best Practices for Treating Substance and Other Behavioral Disorders

  • Reviews reasons for inserting our model language into documents; a “plain language” discussion of our suggested provisions and an explanation of the assessment criteria for defining substance use disorders (no longer called alcoholism or addiction) from the American Psychiatric Association in the updated DSM V Standards.

Leverage First: Using Family Resources as a Positive Influence for Recovery

  • Discusses the high success rates for pilots/physicians, identifies reasons why they are so successful and how to apply their program concepts to other groups to improve recovery rates. An overview of a model of recovery understandable by family members and professionals.

Dual Track Case Management and Monitoring: The Key to Recovery from Addiction and Other Behavioral Disorders

  • Case Management is now being used in the post-treatment environment to improve recovery rates by encouraging compliance with continuing care plans.  This article describes the concept and also focuses on the need for families to have their own “case manager” to advise them on interactions and support for their loved one as well as oversee compliance with aftercare plans.

Tips and Tools for Trustees and Parents Dealing with Dysfunctional Beneficiaries

  • Discusses a problem solving approach in dealing with family members exhibiting addictive or other dysfunctional behavior.  Focus is on resolving family conflict while connecting this concept to our suggested trust provisions.  Explains from a “stages of recovery” perspective why leverage must remain in place for many months.

Finding the Best Addiction Treatment, With Hired Help

  • Navigating the mental health treatment field can be overwhelming. It is prudent to speak with someone who knows the field well before seeking placement. Our founder, Arden O’Connor, was quoted in the New York Times about the value of businesses that provide this type of service.