Behavioral Health Navigation

Intensive, 1 on 1, community based services. We help individuals and families struggling with crises in drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health, and eating disorders. Our goal is to facilitate long-term behavioral change as a complement to clinical treatment.

Consultations for OPG Services

Individuals and families interested in our services begin with a consultation with one or more team members. Our team members meet with clients and their families, when appropriate, to gather the… Learn More

Interventions: Serving All Diagnosis

When an individual is unable or refuses to address a pattern of unhealthy behavior, family members, advisors or employers may reach a point where they require professional help to facilitate a conversation. Learn More

Family, Advisor and Employer Services

Treatment resources for behavioral health issues often focus on the individual, while family members are still in need of their own healing process. Research indicates that long-term stability for clients is… Learn More
Recovery Companions: All Diagnosis

OPG’s Recovery Companions provide individuals with safe and supported transitions back into independent lives in recovery.  Recovery Companions can respond rapidly to client needs, offer intensive support, stabilize individuals in crises and empower change ─ while seamlessly blending into social and professional circles.


Eating Disorder
Specific Services

Case Management and Care Coordination Services (In-Home or Remote): We understand the need for a high quality, multi-disciplinary team for clients struggling with eating disorders. Given the… Learn More

Mood and
Personality Disorder

…and other mental health services. Mood and personality disorders, as well as other mental health issues, require long-term clinical treatment often with several providers involved. To… Learn More

Substance Use and
Addiction Services

Outcome studies reflect that individuals who reach one year of continuous sobriety have the highest chances for long-term, sustained recovery. To reach this milestone, individuals with addiction… Learn More

Other Services

Wilderness Intensives:  OPG provides an intensive, transitional, outdoor experience for clients interested in initial exposure to wilderness activities.  Private mindfulness and yoga sessions: Our team and our colleagues believe strongly in the benefits of both yoga and meditation as a part of recovery and healthy living.