Substance Use and Addiction Services

Case Management and Care Coordination Services (In-Home or Remote):

Outcome studies reflect that individuals who reach one year of continuous sobriety have the highest chances for long-term, sustained recovery.  To reach this milestone, individuals with addiction-related behaviors require a cohesive plan with vetted, high quality resources and tailored services to address their specific needs.  OPG Case Managers work to organize information from disparate parties on treatment teams, and centralize that information for all relevant parties.  This process ensures that decisions around a client’s care are made collectively in an informed manner.  Case management and care coordination services can be offered in person or remotely.

Services include the following:

  • Compilation of medical records from past inpatient and outpatient providers
  • Assigned case manager to provide guidance and support through regular in-person or remote meetings as well as frequent phone contact
  • Identification of appropriate clinical resources: therapist, psychiatrist and group therapy options in client’s local area
  • Location of vocational pursuits (e.g., employment, educational or volunteer opportunities) and healthy lifestyle activities for client (e.g., yoga, academic, outdoor activities, artistic pursuits)
  • Creation of a case management plan with short and long-term goals, and tracking of progress
  • Weekly updates to treatment team members
  • Interface with insurance companies
  • Coordination of treatment team meetings (remote or in person) when appropriate
  • Implementation of drug and alcohol monitoring/testing tools (e.g., Soberlink remote breathalyzer, urine screening)

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

Drug Testing: After reviewing drug use histories of clients, the Physician Advisor at OPG or treating psychiatrist will select appropriate drug panels and determine the frequency of testing for the client.  OPG team members will meet clients in their homes, collect urine samples, monitor laboratory results, and update the treatment team as appropriate.  For clients who would prefer to use a local lab, an OPG Case Manager will work with the treating clinical professional to select appropriate testing panels, find a laboratory, collect testing results and distribute results to the treatment team.

Alcohol Monitoring: OPG uses a remote breathalyzer device, which is monitored by an OPG Case Manager.  Our team member works with a client to develop a twice daily (or more frequent) schedule of testing.  There is also the option to implement a random test in situations of concern.  The device is a small handheld item that takes a picture of client and uploads the results of the test to a secure web portal, which is monitored by an OPG Case Manager.  The OPG Case Manager will receive a text message alert if a client misses his or her scheduled testing time or if the result reflects alcohol use.  This real time feedback allows our case manager to identify a relapse in a timely manner and implement additional services and/or a crisis plan.



Recovery Coaching Services (In-Home or Remote):

Our recovery coaching services include a broad array of activities that can help to ease a client’s transition back to the community after a residential placement or provide adjunctive support to their outpatient clinical services.  Recovery coaching empowers individuals to define their own goals, and our coaches provide support and accountability to help clients remain on track with their recovery plans.

Services include the following:

  • Vocational Coaching (e.g., exploring career/academic interests, vocational testing, resume building, job application support)
  • Academic Support (e.g., researching academic options, coordinating credit transfers, study skill support)
  • Yoga and Meditation/Mindfulness Training (e.g., meditation guidance, mindfulness education, exploring local meditation/yoga resources)
  • Self-Help Meeting Navigation (e.g., identifying appropriate meetings, accompanying clients to meetings)
  • Time and Stress Management (e.g., creating behavioral schedules, supervising difficult tasks, teaching stress management strategies)
  • Physical Fitness (e.g., locating specific fitness centers, engaging in rock climbing, working out, hiking and biking with clients)
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning (e.g., creating and maintaining budget and implementing tools to track expenses)
  • Nutritional Guidance (e.g., creating and budgeting balanced grocery list, accompanying clients to the grocery store, cooking meals and supporting clients in making healthy meal choices in restaurants)
  • Transportation (e.g., driving clients to local appointments, support in navigating public transportation)
  • Social Activities and Community Integration (e.g., connecting clients with local resources based on areas of interest, attending social events with client)
  • Medication Monitoring (e.g., assisting with pill cassette organization and checks, providing reminder prompts as needed)

Monitoring (In-Home or Remote):

OPG offers monitoring services to families, employers, advisors and individuals who want to ensure compliance with service plan goals. Programs run by physicians and pilot monitoring programs demonstrate the best continuous abstinence rates in the field.

Services include the following:

  • Creation of a recovery contract with specific consequences for non-compliance
  • Assignment of a monitor for meetings and telephonic dialogue
  • Coordination of appropriate drug and alcohol testing methods (see above)
  • Monitoring terms of recovery contract (e.g., therapy appointment attendance, drug screening results)
  • Communication with treatment team members (in person or remote)
  • Reporting of progress to advisor, employer, family or other party
  • Coordination of other services as appropriate