10 Ways to Survive Bathing Suit Season When you Struggle With Body Dysmorphia.

By O'Connor Professional Group

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The thought of summer approaching causes us all a preoccupation with body image.  Late Spring many scramble to the gym or start some type of work out routine to look good in a bathing suit.  For individuals diagnosed with body dysmorphia summer can be exceptionally anxiety producing. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a type of mental health disorder where individuals obsess about flaws in their body.  Flaws that are not only small in nature but often not visible to the outside world. Nonetheless, our self-perceptions are very real to us and overcoming a fixed perception can often be extremely difficult.

To help you survive summer we offer the following ten ways to survive bathing suit season.

Awareness – Know most individuals struggle with body image and become uneasy about summer approaching.  Knowing you are not alone helps you understand we all have to work at having a good body image.

Pick a Suit you are comfortable in and that fits you well.  Try on many different types of suits.  As most individuals age they tend to feel more comfortable switching to different types of bathing suits such as from a bikini to a one piece.  If you are that person go ahead and try on a one piece. Buy what you know you will wear not what you hope to wear.

Understand regular exercise is a part of taking care of your body image.  Try to maintain some exercise routine year round so you are not doing cram sessions come Spring.  This will help with self-confidence levels come time to dawn that suit.

Bring a cover up.  Cover ups are great to take to pool parties and act as a safety mechanism to rising anxiety about your body image in a public setting.

Know we all feel we have problem areas. We are not Personal Trainers that make a living by staying in shape.  If you feel you have problem areas you may want to visit a Personal Trainer, however for guidance and suggestions about exercising for problematic areas. Researching and accessing information on line is also helpful.  Working on your problem areas will make you more comfortable with yourself and confident overall.

Thoughts of putting on a swim suit is anxiety producing for everyone. A head start on exercising well before swim suit season arrives will put you in the driver’s seat to feeling comfortable and confident about your body image.

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