A Flexible Approach to Managing “Screen Time” with Children and Young Adults

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A Flexible Approach to Managing “Screen Time” with Children and Young Adults

Many parents report that their children are better versed in social media platforms than they are. For years, there has been an underlying concern about how much “screen time” should be allowed, what outlets are “appropriate,” and how parents can set appropriate boundaries. These questions loom larger than ever given the virtual nature of our world and the likelihood that schools will be partially closed for the foreseeable future, eliminating in-person opportunities for connections. Join Diana Clark, Chief of Clinical Operations, and expert Jill Walsh, Ph.D. Lecturer in Sociology at Boston University and founder of Digital Aged, a consulting group that educates students, families, and educational institutions about positive technology use, for this practical and nuanced approach to facilitating productive conversations with your children around technology use and social media.
Topics of this session will include:
  • The link between certain screen use and anxiety
  • Measuring harmfulness of screen time
  • Quality versus quantity
  • Passive versus active use
  • Positives of social media and technology use
  • Practical strategies to limit use and healthy boundaries to promote limits



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