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Navigating care options for older adults and their families is confusing, overwhelming, and challenging. Whether you are looking for extra support for your loved one or needing guidance around in-home care, assisted living, skilled nursing, adult day programs, or memory care options, the team at O’Connor Professional Group can help.

Our services are holistic, client centered, and individualized to best support the needs of older adults living with challenges such as chronic health issues, cognitive impairment, mental health issues, substance use difficulties, or other neuro-developmental concerns. We provide consultative services, therapeutic companion services, family coaching, care management, and placement services. We fill the gaps in traditional care and provide families with peace of mind knowing their family member is both safe and thriving.

What makes us unique?

We are a highly experienced, trained, and educated staff working with straightforward, complex, and everything in between types of mental health, addictions, and other clinical and non-clinical challenges. OPG fills gaps in services, supports and guides our clients and their families as they process and have to navigate changes that take place during the aging process.

Our Services Address

  • Assessing client needs
  • Managing crisis, safety concerns, and family conflicts
  • Provide ongoing support that help an older adult to remain as independent as possible.
  • Navigating care options
  • Family coaching, mediating, and conflict resolution
  • Provide social, therapeutic, recreational, and emotional support
  • Communication with family members, care team, and other interested parties
  • Advocating for clients through the full continuum of care

Aging Care Services


  • Gathering of information from the client, family members, therapeutic providers, medical, and other relevant providers
  • Development of a holistic care plan that includes care needs, clinical needs, medical, social and relational needs, and recreational and independent living skills resources

Care Management

  • Coordination of medical, psychiatric, therapeutic, and other relevant providers
  • Support with coordination and communication between providers and relevant family members 
  • Review of clinical history with family members, client, clinical, medical, and other providers
  • Regular updates and communication

Therapeutic Companionship

  • Direct support and companionship for your loved one in the home
  • Facilitation of communication between client, providers and family members
  • Creation of short- and long-term goals with a treatment team and monitoring of well-being
  • Skilled at navigating high-risk situations and troubleshooting client crises

  • Knowledgeable professionals with strong abilities in developing therapeutic alliance 

Placement Services

  • Review of clinical history with family members, client, clinical, medical and other providers
  • Assessment of care needs
  • Selection and facilitation of admission into appropriate program or facility (therapeutic day program, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, or inpatient)
  • The placement consultation will result in a detailed report that includes our professional recommendations for services and providers. As well as, a collaborative meetings with family and client

Family Consulting

  • Education on diagnostic profile and related complexities
  • Support with transitions, family dynamics, and facilitation of structured meetings when needed
  • Creation of a plan to address holistic needs of individual
  • Crisis management
  • In-home respite support