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Our team of highly skilled professionals are ready immediately to provide dedicated 24/7 live-in companion support. We tailor our high-touch services to help you with your immediate needs as well as your long-term goals.

Our robust service offering includes:

  • Experts at managing crises and navigating high-risk situations.
  • Available nationally and internationally in a timely manner.
  • Experience managing short and long-term assignments.
  • Highly skilled professionals adept at developing a healthy therapeutic alliance.
  • Comprehensive support to effectively manage all logistics, including scheduling and care coordination.
  • Solution-oriented collaboration with a multidisciplinary teams.
  • Companions are available with a wide variety of training and experience and are matched to fit a range of client clinical needs, personality profiles, and interests.

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What a Companion Can Provide

  • Creating and maintaining healthy lifestyle routines and practices
  • Transporting to and attending relevant clinical, medical and other appointments
  • Exposure work
  • Medication monitoring
  • Yoga and meditation/mindfulness training
  • Navigating self-help and other peer support meetings
  • Vocational coaching
  • Academic support
  • Executive functioning skill building
  • Community integration and interpersonal skill development
  • Time and stress management

O’Connor Professional Group Is More Than a Business Endeavor

OPG is a mission sparked by my experience accessing resources for my youngest brother who struggled with addiction and anxiety for over ten years. I founded O’Connor Professional Group to help families, like mine, find high-quality resources and develop strong community-based supports. OPG is more than a company it’s a team of dedicated individuals working towards the single goal of helping people navigate these complex issues. Learn more about the people that make OPG what it is.

Arden O'Connor

Arden O’Connor,
Founder and CEO

OPG Offers You Extensive Knowledge and Support

Autism Spectrum

Approximately one in every fifty-four children is diagnosed with ASD; OPG is here to help those families, individuals and providers navigate ASD.

Eating Disorders

At least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S; OPG is here to help those suffering from ED.

Mental Health Disorders

Approximately one out of every five Americans lives with a mental health disorder; OPG is here to help individuals and families overcome mental health struggles.

Substance Abuse

Approximately ten percent of the US population suffers from addiction; OPG is here to help individuals and families overcome addiction and substance use.