Creative Educational Planning for Families During COVID-19

By O'Connor Professional Group

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Creative Educational Planning for Families During COVID-19

While the weather may be great, many families are already starting to get nervous about their options in Fall 2020, should schools not fully re-open. O’Connor Professional Group (OPG) will host a facilitated panel with educational experts about non-traditional solutions for families to consider and supports for students with specialized needs (i.e., mental health issues, substance abuse, learning differences, Autism Spectrum Disorder).

  • Data related to behavioral health trends during COVID 19
  • Recent changes in legal proceedings to obtain guardianship and conservatorship during the Pandemic and the reality of future court intervention during the wait for a vaccine
  • Solutions to behavioral health legal challenges such as Incentive Trusts, Extra Powered Health Care Proxies and Durable
  • Powers of Attorney, Springing Guardianship Decrees and Recovery-based Memoranda of Understanding and Probation Orders
  • Variation in the delivery of clinical services in inpatient and outpatient settings and creative solutions for families and their advisors to consider



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