Eating Disorder Risks in the Summer.

By O'Connor Professional Group

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Thinking of summer we often look forward to outside social gatherings such as beach parties, pool parties, barbeques and vacations.  All of these functions involve a plethora of food. The summer brings stress to those struggling with an eating disorder. Being preoccupied with body image, having body dysmorphia or an eating disorder leads to stress while at social functions. Oddly enough this stress can trigger an impulse to eat more.  

Summer has a laze fare feeling and time schedules are thrown off.  That includes eating times. Barbequing often takes longer which can lead to predinner snacking.

Lack of structure can lead to consumption of fast foods that put the weight on.

Excessive time spent on social media seeing others you perceive with an “ideal body image” in a swim suit only heightens anxiety for those with body dysmorphia.

Deserts such as ice cream go hand-in-hand with summer.  A excess of summer deserts at a social function can also put weight on individuals.  

Sweetened, sugar drinks to quench thirst in warm weather are often high in calories and sugar.  Feeling dehydrated due to warm summer heat or humidity can cause someone to have a greater thirst than usual.  If you are a water drinker that’s great. If you are not, then you will reach twice as much for those drinks you are accustomed to that quell your thirst.  If you are a pop drinker that could mean double the intake of high calorie beverages.

Constantly comparing yourself to others in summer wear or swim wear may lead to frustration about your weight and leave you feeling hopeless about improving your body image.  As a precautionary to summer time over eating you may want to research and attend a local support group that will help you stay on track and resist binges.

Being mindful that summer brings along a change in eating habits and making a commitment to how you will attempt to follow your regular diet is a great idea.  Staying focused will keep you on the road to healthy eating.

Finally, don’t take more than you can eat particularly at a social function. That way you won’t have to feel guilty if you can’t finish the food and it will keep you on track with a healthy diet.

Summer doesn’t have to be a season where you add pounds.  Maintaining a diet healthy mindset as summer approaches helps prepare you to resist those extra goodies summer offers without feeling badly.

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