O’Connor Professional Group Webinars

How to Talk to Your Kids About Race

O’Connor Professional Group’s Sean Rose and Diana Clark for an important discussion around how to effectively and age-appropriately talk to your children about race and diversity.


Managing Clients with Behavioral Health Issues During and Beyond COVID 19 – The Legal and Clinical Implications

Substance abuse and mental health issues remain one of the biggest drivers of financial and emotional costs for our healthcare systems, employers, and families. The pandemic has changed the way our court systems work and clinical care is delivered. Join Lisa Cukier of Burns and Levinson and Arden O’Connor of the O’Connor Professional Group in an interactive presentation focused on how to achieve optimal outcomes for individuals with mental health and substance abuse challenges during these uncertain times. This presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Data related to behavioral health trends during COVID 19
  • Recent changes in legal proceedings to obtain guardianship and conservatorship during the Pandemic and the reality of future court intervention during the wait for a vaccine
  • Solutions to behavioral health legal challenges such as Incentive Trusts, Extra Powered Health Care Proxies and Durable Powers of Attorney, Springing Guardianship Decrees and Recovery-based Memoranda of Understanding and Probation Orders
  • Variation in the delivery of clinical services in inpatient and outpatient settings and creative solutions for families and their advisors to consider


Surviving the Summer as a Family: Maintaining Sanity in the Pandemic
Instead of getting simpler, parents report that after weeks of limited social and experiential activities outside the home, the challenges of raising children in the middle of a pandemic is getting more difficult. While the weather may be getting warmer, children may not have access to the activities they once enjoyed including: vacations, camps, summer jobs, and internships. Additionally, fatigued parents who have been balancing work and domestic obligations may not be able to find outside professional supports to assist them. Join Diana Clark and Arden O’Connor in an interactive session that will cover the following topics:
  • How to Maintain a “Good Enough” Parenting Philosophy
  • Encouraging Children of All Ages to Participate in Family Tasks
  • Heading to the BEACH: Components of a Successful Summer
    • Bonding
    • Exercise
    • Altruism in the community
    • Contribution in the home
    • Hobbies
  • Creative Ways to Get Support



Anxiety: The Family’s Hot Potato

Between shelter-in-place restrictions, social distancing, health tragedies, business shutdowns, market volatility, and a constant stream of news reports – the COVID 19 pandemic has quickly become a factor in each of our lives. Anxiety, restlessness, irritability are commonly reported by parents and their children clouding the path forward. Please join Diana and Frank for their 30-minute broadcast as they discuss the ways in which anxiety spreads, is passed around and magnified by family members. Strategies to better manage this phenomenon will be discussed.



OPG Webinar: Staying Sequestered and Sane

Whether we are balancing remote work obligations with increased domestic obligations (i.e. homeschooling), or adjusting to the return of the interrupted college student (without any of their ordinary social outlets available), this time is challenging even the strongest of our family systems. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of humor, patience, compassion, and find a potential “silver lining.”

This webinar, will share a range of tools for families to use this time as an opportunity to establish healthier family dynamics. Using both humor and science, Diana Clark, Chief of Clinical Operations at O’Connor Professional Group this webinar will share a range of tools and strategies to enhance the functioning of families during this time of isolation and togetherness. Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Practical strategies for managing feelings as a family
  • Creating realistic schedules & setting appropriate boundaries
  • Interactive family activities and opportunities designed to build resilience
  • Uncovering and tapping into the “positives” of difficult situations


Employers Managing Anxiety in the Remote Workplace

COVID-19 has impacted the markets, our schools, and our families in ways that would have been unimaginable six months ago and unsurprisingly, individuals are experiencing a range of emotions from fear to anger to anxiety. As employers, you may be balancing competing objectives – maintaining a financially sustainable business with quelling fears and anxiety amongst employees. It can be overwhelming to achieve this while taking care of yourself and your family.

Join Arden O’Connor, Founder & CEO of O’Connor Professional Group, for a webinar about how to help “calm the waters” with anxious employees and family members during this time. This webinar will focus on the following areas:

  • Typical physical and emotional reactions to anxiety
  • Evidence-based practices to manage anxiety with practical tools and resources
  • Resources for employers to consider