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You are the Pioneer of Your Own Life With Dr. Jamie Weiner

Jul 13, 2022

Today’s guest is Dr. Jamie Weiner, a psychologist and author of ‘Quest For Legitimacy.’ In his book, he interviewed many rising generation individuals from across the world about what it’s like to grow up in affluent or prominent families. His research focuses on breaking moments and how they impact a person’s quest for purpose and fulfillment. Diana and Dr. Weiner discuss finding purpose when options seem unlimited. He offers advice for prominent families of rising generations.


  • [02:22] “What is it like growing up in the land of giants?” A frequently asked question Dr. Weiner receives.
  • [05:04] Breaking moments and family estrangement.
  • [08:53] Advice for parents of rising generations.
  • [11:33] The difficulty of finding purpose when options are so abundant.
  • [14:33] Exploration and a woman’s quest for legitimacy.


  • Most people experience a moment where there was a disruption between what they anticipated their life was going to be and how it turned out to be. 
  • The rising generation is one of the most observed generations. There’s a lot of wealth and family governance that makes it difficult for them to discover who they are and how they’re going to empower themselves. 
  • A third of all college students are seeking out some kind of mental health treatment for anxiety, loneliness, depression or because they are generally overwhelmed with the number of choices they have available.


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Jamie Weiner, a psychologist, is co-founder of Quest for Legitimacy. Along with Russ Haworth, a family business adviser, Dr. Weiner had a series of intimate conversations with rising gen from around the world started which started with one simple question; “What is it like growing up in the land of giants?” “Moving forward our mission is to support those raised in prominent families from around the globe to successfully navigate their quest for legitimacy,” said Dr. Weiner. After researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia analyzed the conversations, the book, The Quest for Legitimacy: How Children of Prominent Families Find Their Unique Place in the World, brought the stories to life. Breaking through the isolation felt by many, the book, the website and a dedicated series of Russ’s podcast reaches out to those who grew up in these families, their family members and those  who serve them.


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