Case Management


Individuals pursuing treatment for behavioral health concerns often work with several different professionals, each addressing different needs. Doctors, therapists, legal counselors, social workers, or aides are all commonly involved, particularly for individuals with complex clinical presentations. While each of these specialists are important to ensure that therapeutic, medical, and social needs are met, clear and efficient communication between providers is often challenging. At best, a lack of effective care coordination can create slow progress towards treatment goals and can lead to unnecessary confusion for all involved. At worst, major miscommunication can lead to adverse outcomes. If you are in this situation – either as a caregiver or as a client receiving services – O’Connor Professional Group’s Case Management and Care Coordination Services can help.

What Is a Case Manager?

Case managers are the information hub of a care team – they are the organizer and central point of contact for all involved. Critical information communicated clearly to all providers with a single case manager ensuring that all involved with a client’s case remains up to date and well informed. Case managers work with providers from many different settings including hospitals, residential treatment facilities, government agencies, nonprofits, legal offices, and family wealth/advisory agencies. If you choose to work with a case manager, their role will be to efficiently collect and track all relevant information from disparate parties involved in your medical or social care, keeping everyone apprised of new developments and allowing each person to make fully-informed judgments and decisions.

Is a Case Manager Right for Me?

Many people choose to work with a case manager because they cannot dedicate the time necessary to organize their own or their loved one’s care, either because they are simply too busy or, have been managing care for so long that they begin to feel “burnt out.” Others find that case managers can play a vital role in navigating confusing medical or legal systems. Case managers understand the ins and outs of their fields and guide clients through the process of getting the necessary care or assistance. Overseeing a treatment plan and coordinating care can quickly become overwhelming for an individual or family member who has other responsibilities – if you are in this situation and need assistance, working with a case manager can provide the relief you are seeking.

Case Management at OPG

If you or your loved one are struggling with a substance use disorder, mental health disorder or other behavioral health concern and you are interested in working with a case manager, the team at OPG can help. Our case managers specialize in coordinating care for people in addiction recovery treatment, mental health therapy, eating disorder rehabilitation and more. We are accustomed to working with professionals including therapists, psychiatrists, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) coaches, therapy group leaders, nutritionists, and physicians. Our services can be offered in person or remotely and can be used as monitoring tools for advisors, trustees, and employers.

For clients who do not yet have a comprehensive treatment team, we can assist in finding local, vetted providers in relevant clinical professions (e.g., specialized therapist, psychiatrist, nutritionist, addiction counselor).

To learn more about OPG’s case management services and what we can do for you, contact us to schedule a consultation. Below please find a description of several of some services; feel free to inquire about any of these in particular, or simply talk to us about your needs and let us make our recommendations.

  • We provide case managers who guide you through in-person or remote meetings, as well as keep in frequent phone contact.
  • Case managers connect clients to appropriate community-based resources that address holistic needs (e.g., social, recreational, housing, educational, clinical, vocational, self-help, medical/health), including finding housing and providing move-in support.
  • Case management collaborate with you and your providers to create and execute a care plan with short- and long-term goals, tracking your progress and making adjustments as needed.
  • OPG works with your care team to implement drug testing, alcohol monitoring, and other monitoring services when necessary.
  • Case managers can develop therapeutic or behavior contracts to ensure clients are held accountable for making the changes they or their supports deem necessary (e.g., specific consequences for noncompliance, ongoing monitoring, and contingencies for compliance and noncompliance).
  • Case managers identify appropriate local clinical groups or self-help meetings.
  • Case managers can facilitate meetings with professionals for long-term planning (e.g., special needs financial planners, guardianship attorneys, etc.).
  • Case managers provide frequent updates to treatment teams, family members, advisors or employers, and coordinate regular treatment team meetings.
  • We handle interfacing with insurance companies or other funding sources.
  • We compile and track medical records from past inpatient and outpatient providers.
  • OPG offers crisis management and after-hours support.

Contact O’Connor Professional Group

If you or your loved one might be in need of any of our services, please reach out and schedule a consultation. We are here to provide the assistance you need to create and execute a single, seamless care plan so that you or your loved one can focus on healing. Call us today at 617-910-3940 to get started.