Summer Offerings



Introducing OPG Summer Offerings

With social distancing protocols expected to continue through summer and beyond, summer camps and other seasonal activities are already being postponed or canceled. Many parents – already fatigued – are struggling to balance work-related obligations with the demands of stay-at-home parenthood. To help ease the burden that the pandemic has caused, and support families in navigating these challenging times, OPG is excited to be providing specialized services for families this summer break.

Summer Experience Consultation

An OPG professional will meet with a family, in person or virtually, to determine the system’s holistic needs. The OPG professional will follow up with a comprehensive summer experience plan that factors in the ages of the children, individual interests, and family’s need for supervision. Our professional will review the plan with the family, coordinate logistics (ex. Enrollment into activities), find additional resources when needed, create calendars or other organizational systems for family members, and can recommend additional OPG services as deemed appropriate.

Summer Mentoring Program

Many parents voice concerns about their capacities to provide intensive structure during summer months, while simultaneously balancing their professional and domestic obligations. Traditional childcare resources may not be available or provide a high level of educational engagement. OPG Summer Mentors can find productive activities for children and young adults that fall into several domains:

  • Participating in physical activities (i.e., canoeing, hiking, biking, tennis)
  • Building relationships (i.e., hosting virtual playdates, letter writing)
  • Cultivating hobbies (i.e., helping clients to identify areas of interest, finding relevant resources, and engaging in activities side by side)
  • Contributing to the home and surrounding communities (i.e., supervising chores, finding virtual volunteer opportunities)

OPG Summer Mentors are available for in-person and virtual support. They can support clients on an hourly, half-day, or full-day basis. In addition to supporting children and young adults, the Summer Mentoring Program includes coaching for parents to help them with addressing challenging family dynamics, creating reasonable expectations, setting appropriate boundaries,  implementing stress reduction techniques, and maintaining their own self-care routines.

Respite Support

Children and young adults with specialized needs are experiencing increased stress during the pandemic (i.e., Autism Spectrum disorder, developmental challenges). As daily structure decreases, parents want to ensure that these children have adequate support. OPG Respite Support professionals have training in relevant disciplines (i.e., behavior modification, mental health) and can provide structure and engagement to clients in their communities and homes. Similar to OPG Summer Mentors, Respite Support Professionals are available for in-person and virtual support. They can support clients on an hourly, half-day, or full-day basis. Parent coaching is a crucial component of respite support, helping parents to create behavioral schedules and expectations, understand effective limit-setting, and to manage crises.


Contact O’Connor Professional Group 

If you or someone close to you might benefit from these summer-specific services or any of the services we offer, we invite you to reach out and schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. The OPG team is here to help make your experience with recovery as seamless as possible. Call us today at 617-910-3940 to get started.

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