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Mental health and substance use disorders can affect people of all walks of life, including those in high-earning jobs or from high-earning families. It’s common for people in these positions to have dedicated advisors, trustees or other family offices to oversee aspects of their life such as finances, properties and family businesses. These professionals often work closely with their clients on a personal level in order to best manage their affairs — if their client is struggling with mental health problems or substance abuse, an advisor may be among the first to sense that something is wrong. In addition, poor financial choices or uncharacteristic legal trouble are common indications that a person is dealing with a mental health concern; an advisor or trustee would certainly see these signs and may even be put in a difficult situation when it comes to handling them. But it’s challenging to identify more specific signs and symptoms of these illnesses, and to know how to intervene; these advisors are not mental health professionals, and they may even feel that it’s not their place to get involved.

But the far-reaching effects of mental health or substance use disorders can easily mean that these professionals become involved, whether or not they are prepared. They are in charge of crucial elements of their client’s life and may be required to weigh in if an individual needs to step away from a family business, spend money on rehabilitation or confront legal problems. Ensuring that advisors are well-informed about the details of their client’s disorder and treatment can help them establish appropriate boundaries and perform their duties with their client’s long-term health and recovery in mind.

Wealth Advisor and Trustee Services at O’Connor Professional Group 

O’Connor Professional Group offers specialized services for family advisors, trustees, consultants or aides. Not only do we offer educational resources to help these professionals recognize problematic behavioral health issues, but we can also help them formulate plans of action that can stem the destructive cycle of addiction or mental illness. Our team of consultants can collaborate with advisors to design and implement customized interventions, helping mitigate potential damage to personal wealth or property and assisting clients in getting back on the path towards a healthy life.

If you are an advisor in a situation like this, reach out to OPG to find out more about our program and how we can help you navigate the circumstances with professionalism, tact and compassion. We are also here to help if you feel that your own wellness is being impacted as you face the challenges presented by a client with a mental health disorder or addiction. Our Wealth Advisor and Trustee services focus on a range of efforts that can help you, your client and those close to your client, including:

  • Educational resources to help advisors recognize the signs of problematic behavioral health issues
  • Consulting on best practices for communicating with clients, their family and/or their colleagues or business partners
  • Creating and implementing effective interventions to combat problematic behavioral health issues such as impulsive spending or other financial irresponsibility
  • Establishing and enforcing appropriate professional and personal boundaries between advisors, clients and other stakeholders
  • Coordinating communication between financial advisors and clinical providers to keep all parties abreast of latest treatments and health condition
  • Consulting on and implementing transitional plans between different phases of treatment (e.g., returning home from residential treatment)
  • Assessing the impact on the emotional well-being of the advisor 

OPG’s highly trained team of mental health consultants will work with you in a number of ways to accomplish these goals. Some of our services and resources include:

  • Psycho-education about substance addiction, process addiction, mood and personality disorders, eating disorders or other mental health issues for the advisor, trustee and/or client
  • Strategizing ways to maintain boundaries and use constructive, therapeutic leverage to encourage behavior change
  • Tracking engagement of the client throughout their treatment — including treatment progress, changes in care or updates on condition — and compiling reports to share with all involved professionals
  • Providing in-advance and real-time assistance in managing crisis situations (e.g., relapse) including after-hours support
  • Facilitating communication within the family, business or advisor system
  • Assistance with preparation and problem solving when approaching high-risk situations (e.g., family/social events, holidays, returning to work/school or other disruptions to routine)
  • Developing strategies for resource allocation for a person with behavioral health problems (e.g., advising on governance language for trust documents)
  • Developing employer or advisor behavior contracts, with the goal of setting clear expectations for all parties
  • Guiding and consulting with trustees or advisors about a range of topics, including starting difficult conversations, developing realistic return-to-work expectations or managing someone with a behavioral health issue

The OPG team deeply understands the need for a variety of resources when someone is struggling with addiction or a mental health disorder. The affected individual often has a wide network of family, friends, colleagues and more — with the right information, assistance and approaches, every member of this network can be supportive of an individual’s long-term recovery. Our consulting services include specialized programs for a range of people who have personal or professional relationships with someone dealing with a behavioral health concern, including wealth or finance advisors and trustees. No matter your role in an individual’s recovery, you can help — and OPG can show you how.

Substance Use Disorder’s Impact On Family Businesses & Private Wealth

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If you, your loved one or someone close to you might be in need of any of our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you through your options and to find out which of our specialized consulting programs will best fit your situation. We are dedicated to making your experience with addiction or mental health recovery feel coordinated, seamless and manageable, no matter what your role may be in the process. We ensure that everyone within an individual’s support system is informed and prepared, which in turn ensures healing and recovery that will last. Call us today at 617-910-3940 to get started.

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