OPG Webinar: Anxiety – The Family’s Hot Potato

By Arden O'Connor

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The O’Connor Professional Group and Silver Hill Hospital are excited to announce a free webinar taking place Thursday, May, 28th at 12 pm titled Anxiety: The Family’s Hot Potato. The Webinar will be hosted and facilitated by OPG’s Chief of Clinical Operations, Diana Clark and Dr. Frank Bartolomeo, Director of Adolescent Services at Silver Hill Hospital.


Title: Anxiety: The Family’s Hot Potato

Date and Time: May 28th, 12:00 PM

Cost: Free


Between shelter-in-place restrictions, social distancing, health tragedies, business shutdowns,
market volatility, and a constant stream of news reports – the COVID 19 pandemic has quickly
become a factor in each of our lives. Anxiety, restlessness, irritability are commonly reported by parents
and their children clouding the path forward. Please join Diana and Frank for their 30-minute broadcast as they discuss the ways in which anxiety spreads, is passed around and magnified by family members. Strategies to better manage this phenomenon will be discussed.



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