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Webinar – Staying Sequestered & Sane During COVID-19

Dec 8, 2020


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OPG Webinar: Staying Sequestered and Sane During COVID-19

Whether we are balancing remote work obligations with increased domestic obligations (i.e. homeschooling), or adjusting to the return of the interrupted college student (without any of their ordinary social outlets available), the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging even the strongest of our family systems. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of humor, patience, compassion, and find a potential “silver lining.”

In this webinar entitled “Staying Sequestered and Sane”, we share a range of tools for families to use this time as an opportunity to establish healthier family dynamics. Using both humor and science, Diana Clark, Chief of Clinical Operations at O’Connor Professional Group this webinar offers strategies to enhance family functioning during a time of isolated togetherness.

In this COVID-19 family coping strategies webinar, you will learn:

  • Practical strategies for managing feelings as a family
  • Creating realistic schedules & setting appropriate boundaries
  • Interactive family activities and opportunities designed to build resilience
  • Uncovering and tapping into the “positives” of difficult situations

We hope this COVID-19 family dynamics webinar has been helpful to you! For more information on our family coaching services, private mental health support services and other ways we can support you and your family during this time, please contact us today.


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