Why OPG?

home-hOPG values a multidisciplinary approach when working with clinically complicated situations. Our team members range from licensed clinicians with years of experience to individuals who have worked in a variety of behavioral health programs. From crisis management to therapeutic recovery coaching and aftercare monitoring, we help clients and families navigate the behavioral health industry. We create and implement sustainable recovery plans. Our mission at O’Connor Professional Group is to help individuals and families thrive in recovery.


Client‐Centered Services: Our behavioral health services are designed to accommodate a wide range of family and individual needs. We tailor services to meet clients’ clinical profiles and logistical preferences (i.e. frequency and type of services, geographical considerations). We value the need for discretion and can offer in-home options. Our administrative support team ensures a smooth customer experience.

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Diverse, High‐Quality Team: Our team is comprised of experts with in-depth knowledge of a range of behavioral health issues. Clients are matched to staff members based on their preferences and our multidisciplinary team ensures that the holistic needs of clients are met.

Broad Network: O’Connor Professional Group maintains an extensive network of professionals across the country. If we need a recommendation or support for services in a new geographic region, we have a team of individuals available to us.

Strong Supervision: Staff members at OPG receive clinical training and individual supervision, and have regular phone and in-person reviews of their cases to ensure high-quality care.

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