Autism Spectrum Case Study

autism spectrum disorder

The following autism case study is a hypothetical case based on our experiences. Our clients’ information is held in strict confidence as a condition of our agreements in every case.

Daniel is a 19-year-old young man diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and preparing to transition into a part-time college program. He has strong verbal reasoning and memory skills but struggles with interpreting social situations, obsessional thinking, and processing information quickly. Daniel’s upcoming transition was resulting in a significant increase in anxiety, leading to behavioral outbursts, emotional deregulation, and perseverating thoughts of stress and worry.

When Daniel’s behavioral outbursts began to escalate, Daniel’s family contacted OPG for a consultation and support. OPG conducted a thorough consultation with the family, gathering a complete picture of Daniel, his current treatment team, and situation. OPG then produced a detailed report of various recommendations to aid Daniel during his transition. After consulting with Daniel’s treatment team, his family signed on for the following OPG services:

  • An OPG Case Manager, experienced in working with young adults with Autism, to meet in person with Daniel 3x a week before and to work on executive functioning skills, emotional regulation, social interaction skills, routine building, and emotional support.
  • An OPG Family Coach with a specialty in Autism Spectrum Disorders made available to Daniel’s family for support and coaching through the transition.
  • Sourcing and vetting of a new psychiatrist to oversee Daniel’s medication regiment and provide psychotherapy.
  • Coordination and communication with the existing treatment team and academic supports to ensure a unified treatment approach.

Daniel responded well to services and was involved in shaping the direction of his treatment. The OPG Case Manager and Daniel were able to develop a rapport, work through difficulties as they arose, and help guide Daniel through the transition. Daniel’s family utilized the OPG Family coach on a weekly basis for support and guidance and found the treatment coordination OPG provided instrumental. As Daniel began to stabilize, after the successful transition, OPG services were slowly reduced to support growth and independence.

Building Bridges: Autism To Adulthood

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