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The Academic Insight: Tai Chi to Treat Major Depressive Disorder

A recent study has shown that the ancient practice of Tai Chi may contribute to reducing symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). This study, conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, looked at the effects a 12-week tai chi program had on Chinese-Americans suffering from Major […]

The Academic Insight – Autism: Remembering parents in parent-mediated early intervention: An approach to examining impact on parents and families

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have seen a dramatic increase in prevalence.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 1 in every 68 kids receive this diagnosis.  Many individuals with this diagnosis require intensive interventions as early as toddler-hood.  These early interventions target core deficits of ASD and can have significant impact on brain development and […]

Long Term Strategies: Advice from those in Sustained Recovery

  I have had the privilege to get to know a lot of people who have been able to pull themselves out of the pit that is addiction and gain long periods of abstinence. Reaching this place of long-term recovery is impressive and can seem impossible when just starting the recovery journey. When talking with […]

Single and Sober: Tips for Getting Back into the Dating Scene

Booze, the ultimate social analgesic, has lubricated the dating arena since malt, hops and grapes were first used in fermentation.  Throw in our 21st century party culture and it seems difficult to separate dating from drinking.  Dealing with social situations in general while in recovery can be a scary, but having to navigate the dating […]

Schmoozing Without Boozing: Tips for Navigating Holiday Parties Without Drinking

Schmoozing Without Boozing   With the holidays come parties, Yankee swaps, fiestas, and soirees of all kinds.  There is a large drinking culture that is associated with the holiday season and navigating these occasions in early recovery can be a major challenge.   Sometimes it is a good idea to avoid these situations while still […]

Knowing Your Options: Finding a Recovery Program that Works for You

Knowing your Options In the world of addiction recovery finding a supportive community or program can go a long way in aiding in the healing process. Whether you are the individual struggling with substance abuse or it is a loved one struggling, there are programs out there to help. Finding the right support is not […]