Substance Abuse and Addiction

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O’Connor Professional Group (OPG) offers customized services to individuals with substance abuse, addiction and other compulsive behaviors (eg. gambling, sex, gaming). We also support caregivers, family members and advisors who are involved with someone with compulsive behaviors.

Behavioral Health Navigation™ and Intensive Coaching

Our Continuum of Services Address

  • Individuals with language/communication impairments.
  • Social skills deficits and restrictive interests Individuals with varying levels of verbal.
  • Cognitive and social capabilities.
  • Clients with co-occurring behavioral health and medical issues.
  • Transitional needs for adolescents and young adults.

Substance Use and Addiction Services

Case Management and Care Coordination

  • Coordination of medical, psychiatric, educational and other relevant providers
  • Facilitation of communication between providers and family members
  • Creation of short- and long-term goals, monitoring of progress
  • Interface with insurance companies and public benefit agencies


  • Gathering of information from family members, therapeutic, medical, educational and other relevant providers

  • Development of a holistic care plan to include educational, clinical, vocational, medical, social, recreational and independent living skills resources

Family Coaching

  • Navigation of self-help meetings (e.g., AA, NA, Smart Recovery)

  • Crisis management

  • Education on diagnostic profile and related complexities

  • Support on developing and holding healthy boundaries


  • Facilitation of a process with family members, employees, advisors or other interested parties to encourage a resistant individual to access treatment

Monitoring Services

  • Distribution advisor services

  • Financial management

  • Alcohol/drug testing

Placements into Therapeutic Schools or Programs

  • Review of clinical history with family members, client, relevant educational, clinical, medical and other providers
  • Selection and facilitation of admission into appropriate inpatient, residential, therapeutic
    boarding school, transitional or other housing program

Therapeutic Coaching: Available Hourly or on a Live-In Basis

  • Vocational coaching (e.g., identification of interests and employment opportunities, application/resume submission, practicing mock interviews)

  • Academic coaching (e.g., exploring fields of interest and academic options , development of an educational plan, applying to schools, tutoring)

  • Exposure work in conjunction with a clinical team

  • Nutritional and fitness guidance

  • Coping and interpersonal skill development (e.g., stress tolerance)

  • Executive functioning skills support (e.g., planning, organization, time management)

  • Independent living skills development (e.g., hygiene routines, laundry, exercise, grocery shopping, cooking, public transportation, safety skills)

  • Transportation to and from appointments

  • Medication management

  • Crisis management

  • Guidance about locating a positive peer network and other appropriate community-based resources

  • Support around exploration of personal identity and lifestyle choices

O’Connor Professional Group Is More Than a Business Endeavor

OPG is a mission sparked by my experience accessing resources for my youngest brother who struggled with addiction and anxiety for over ten years. I founded O’Connor Professional Group to help families, like mine, find high-quality resources and develop strong community-based supports. OPG is more than a company it’s a team of dedicated individuals working towards the single goal of helping people navigate these complex issues. Learn more about the people that make OPG what it is.

Arden O'Connor

Arden O’Connor,
Founder and CEO


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OPG services are not covered by insurance.