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Helping Families in Need

All families “have something,” this commonly quoted phrase reflects the high incidence rates of behavioral health, developmental and cognitive issues that arise across generations. To maximize the chances of successful recovery, families, and their support team members (ex. financial and legal advisors) will require professional guidance.

A family crisis can be the result of the turmoil created when one or more members of the family are:

  • Misusing substances such as alcohol or other recreational drugs
  • Abusing prescription medications
  • Spending or gambling compulsively to the detriment of others and their financial well-being
  • Struggling with a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar or other mood, thought or process disorders
  • Exhibiting symptoms of cognitive decline
  • Demonstrating signs of an eating disorder and/or problematic relationship with food
  • Refusing to attend school or engage in other productive activities
  • Participating in an abusive relationship and or affiliating with a cult association
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Addressing a Family Crisis

The goal is to protect positive family connections. At O’Connor Professional Group, we take a unique approach that prioritizes evaluating concerning behaviors and strategizing the least intrusive way to manage them.

While interventions may seem like the “go-to solution,” they can often have severe and traumatic consequences for family systems. We use a range of solutions to depend on factors such as age, life stage, previous efforts, risk level, and family system disruption.

Family Crisis Services Include:

Family coaching with willing members of a family

  • Situation: Parents, siblings, or other family members are interested in strategizing approaches and messaging to a loved one
  • Benefit: Family has the opportunity to air concerns in a constructive format and develop a unified message

Professionally facilitated whole family meetings with specific outcome goals

  • Situation: When a struggling member is willing to participate in a family solution that addresses the concerning behavior
  • Benefit: Allows family to have a voice and support a struggling member in a healthy way

Professionally facilitated meetings between individual members

  • Situation: Members of a family locked in conflict or a destructive dynamic
  • Benefit: Members have an opportunity to listen to the other and express their perception of a conflict or pattern to arrive at a common goal or direction

Customized interventions for families facing crisis situations

  • Situation: A family member is engaging in life-threatening behavior, and other family members unify to deliver a message of support with a prearranged plan
  • Benefit: Addresses an issue on a rapid timetable and provides a concrete step towards recovery

Start your path towards family healing now.

Our family crisis services are tailored to each situation and start with a meeting with our qualified Family Crisis Providers. During this meeting, we gather all relevant historical and current data, develop personalized solutions, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of potential strategies. We assist families with decision-making and create a plan for the next steps.

Connect with our committed team of experts for actionable solutions to address your family’s needs. We understand that difficult situations may arise, and we are dedicated to providing direction and support to you and your loved ones during these challenging times. Contact us today to explore how we can support your family.

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