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The behavioral health field can be overwhelming, especially when it is affecting a loved one. It is often difficult to discern who to contact, how to evaluate quality amongst providers or what options exist when someone exhibits clinical symptoms or problematic behaviors.

At O’Connor Professional Group, we understand how deeply behavioral health issues affect the entire family and how difficult it can be when a loved one is in need of treatment. OPG offers customized, private services to family members, both individually and in group settings, to help plan for and deal with behavioral health issues effecting their family. These services can be offered in-person or remote. Please refer to the services throughout this page for more information.

Our mission at O’Connor Professional Group (OPG) is to help individuals and their families thrive in recovery. We help clients and families navigate the behavioral health industry by creating and implementing sustainable and individualized recovery programs. 

Our Family Coaching Services Address

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Substance Abuse and Other Compulsive Behaviors
  • Eating Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Special Needs
  • Evolving Needs of Older Adults and Their Families 
  • General Mental Wellness and Life Transitions

Family Coaching Services

Crisis Management Services

  • Crisis Management helps families to problem-solve complicated situations.
  • We provide support to loved ones by coaching clients through a challenging family dynamic issues
  • Responding rapidly to calls and ensure that access to support and the highest quality resources is a seamless process.

Next Generation Support for Young Adults

  • OPG provides 1-1 coaching with the goal of developing prepared members of the next generation.
  • Support focuses on mental and emotional health
  • Issues with personal growth, identity, and tools for leading a purposeful life are also addressed
  • Help young adults set short and long-term goals and establish concrete next steps to achieve them

Generational Family Support

  • Opportunities to grow and learn as an individual and together as a family are central to fostering family and human well-being over the long-term. OPG draws on a constellation of experts to help families navigate the complexities and opportunities of wealth, generational issues, and bring values, identity, and vision into focus. Facilitation of communication between providers and family members

Parent Coaching Services

  • Parent coaching provides parents with guidance, appropriate language, and tools to address issues with children of any age. Focus areas can include setting healthy boundaries, managing behaviors, understanding how to effectively intervene if you sense your child is struggling, and education about specific diagnoses (e.g. learning differences, eating disorders).
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We provide intensive in-home or virtual coaching and support

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We help families navigate situations related to behavioral health, autism spectrum disorder and other special needs


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OPG services are not covered by insurance.