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Monitoring services at O’Connor Professional Group are designed to give our clients the freedom they need to explore independent life, while still maintaining some structure and accountability overseen by trained recovery professionals.

We offer remote alcohol monitoring, drug testing and financial monitoring as a means of enforcing healthy behaviors in a way that isn’t invasive or distracting for our client.

If you or your loved one is transitioning from a recovery program back into everyday life and might benefit from extra guidance, we encourage you to contact O’Connor Professional Group to learn more about the services we can offer.

Our Services Address

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Substance Abuse and Other Compulsive Behaviors
  • Eating Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Special Needs
  • Evolving Needs of Older Adults and Their Families
  • General Mental Wellness and Life Transitions

Monitoring Services

Alcohol Monitoring

  • Self-administered using a specialized remote breathalyzer device: SoberLink
  • Monitored remotely by a trained OPG Case Manager
  • OPG works one-on-one with each clients to develop a regular testing schedule that fits into their everyday routine but still promotes accountability
  • Real-time feedback generated from the tests allowing relapses or struggles to be identified quickly and addressed

Drug Testing Services

  • Accurate lab based testing tailored for each clients specific needs
  • Type of drug test and frequency is determined by each clients individual needs
  • Tests conducted discreetly in the home or the community or at a specified location depending on client needs
  • Flexible drug-testing solutions offered after hours or during weekends and even during client travel

Financial Management

  • Financial monitoring services are designed to guide our clients as they adhere to a budget and learn financial skills while becoming accustomed to independent life

  • Clients’ families and/or financial advisors can partner with the OPG team to create better oversight of the individual’s spending
  • The OPG team can work closely with trustees or financial advisors
  • Services can include, but not limited to: a separate bank account for the client where limits are set, expenditure tracking, and/or monthly receipt tracking


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OPG services are not covered by insurance.