Monitoring Services


Alcohol Monitoring: OPG uses a handheld remote breathalyzer device that captures a photo of the individual and uploads it to a website. The website is monitored by an OPG Case Manager, who receives a text message if the client misses his or her scheduled testing time or if the result reflects alcohol use. Our team member works with a client to develop a regular schedule, with an option to include random testing. This real-time feedback allows our Case Manager to identify a relapse in a timely manner and implement additional services and/or a crisis plan.

ArticleSoberlink: 21st Century Alcohol Monitoring

Drug Testing: After reviewing the drug-use history of a client, the Consulting Psychiatrist at OPG
 or treating psychiatrist will select drug panels and determine the frequency of testing for the client. OPG team members will meet clients in their homes, collect urine samples, monitor laboratory results, and update the treatment team. For clients who would prefer to use a local lab, an OPG Case Manager will work with the treating clinical professional to select appropriate testing panels, find a laboratory, obtain testing results, and distribute results to the treatment team.

OPG can offer flexible drug-testing and alcohol- monitoring solutions in the community, after hours or during weekends and even during client travel.

Financial Management

Many of our clients struggle to adhere to budgets or manage their finances. Families or financial advisors can partner with OPG to create better oversight of the individual’s spending. OPG can designate a separate bank account for a client, track expenditures, and provide receipts on a monthly basis. Additionally, OPG can facilitate the use of a specific and limited credit card that can prohibit spending at certain times of the day, at specific locations, and over certain amounts. Our services allow families and individuals to focus on their healing process, instead of continually dealing with funding issues.