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Psychological assessments provide rich and valuable data to help you on your wellness journey forward. Psychological assessments offer data and insights to lay a foundation for success, whether you desire to understand yourself better, obtain an accurate diagnosis, elucidate a learning profile, or develop a focused and practical treatment plan. Our team of psychologists and clinical professionals offer a wide range of individually tailored psychological assessment services to meet your needs.
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Why OPG?

  • A comprehensive and individually tailored assessment experience
  • Engage with a team of professionals with specific expertise
  • Accessible and agile services when and where they are needed
  • Ability to quickly initiate services and rapid turnaround of results and recommendations
  • Delivery of a detailed report of findings and insights with practical recommendations
  • Ongoing consultation and advocacy to support the implementation of recommendations
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Overview of OPG Psychological Assessment Services

  • Comprehensive Psychological Assessment
  • Psychological and Developmental Assessments, including behavioral function, autism spectrum differential diagnosis, and age-related assessments
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations to elucidate cognitive profile and learning style
  • Psychodiagnostic Assessment to establish and clarify psychiatric diagnoses
  • Medication Efficacy Assessment to evaluate the impact of medication and side effects
  • Assessment of adaptive and functional capacity and competence
  • Forensic Assessment
  • Consultation, review, and second opinion of assessment reports and data

What to Expect as Our Valued Clients

While each client’s experience will vary based on their specific needs, each engagement typically includes:

  • Initial consultation to understand the referral question and identify the appropriate service
  • Clinical interview to explore the details of the presenting concern and obtain a detailed history
  • Thorough review of clinical history and medical records
  • Interviews with relevant collateral contacts, including medical and clinical providers and family members
  • Individually tailored battery of assessment measures to address your specific questions and concerns
  • Comprehensive report detailing the findings and outlining individualized, practical recommendations for the next steps and the development of compensatory strategies
  • Consultation and feedback session
  • Ongoing consultation and advocacy available
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OPG services are not covered by insurance.