Discreet Concierge Support Across the Behavioral Health Spectrum

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Autism Spectrum

OPG’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Services help families and individuals navigate the complex treatment world while also providing direct in home therapeutic support and skill building.

Eating Disorders

OPG’s Eating Disorder (ED) Services help individual’s, their families, and other professionals understand and navigate the complex world of treatment. OPG Services also provide direct support to help fill in the gaps of traditional treatment and promote skill building and utilization.

Mental Health Disorders

OPG’s Mental Health Disorder Services provide expert navigation and direct support for individuals and families suffering from a full range of diagnoses and struggles. OPG’s Mental Health Disorder services help families and individuals get the care they need and fill in the gaps left by traditional treatment.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

OPG’s Substance Use Disorder Services are here to help individuals, families, and advisors with navigating a complex treatment world and implanting direct supports. OPG’s Substance Use Services span the full range of needs, from consulting and navigation help to full 24/7 companion work.

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