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Behavioral Health Navigation™

Behavioral Health Navigation™ Services give you an expert advocate and support while navigating the complex world of behavioral health services and treatments.

Consultation Services

OPG Consolation Services provide a road map for treatment and helps you understands your options in a complex world.

Companion Services

OPG Companion Services provide up to 24/7 live in support across behavioral health diagnoses.

Family Coaching

OPG Family Coaching Services help families through the difficult times that come when a loved one suffers from a behavioral health issue. From psychoeducation to hands on practical support and advice, OPG is here to help families.

Family Crisis Services

Our family crisis services are tailored to each situation and start with a meeting with our qualified Family Crisis Providers.

Concierge Psychological Assessment Services

Psychological assessments provide rich and valuable data to help you on your wellness journey forward.

Monitoring Services

OPG Monitoring Services are here to help provide accountability and consistency to any treatment plan.

Education Support

OPG Educational Support Services provide students and families with the support they need to balance complex behavioral health with the demands of education. OPG supports both adolescent and college aged students.

Therapeutic Coaching

OPG’s therapeutic coaching provides individualized support for clients in the home and community to help them meet goals both big and small.

Employer Services

OPG’s Employer Services help companies and employers know how to navigate, plan for, and help with the behavioral health struggles of employees.