home-fOur services guide individuals and families through the behavioral health industry, provide concierge services to identify suitable treatment and aftercare options, and assist in creating and implementing sustainable recovery plans.

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When a behavioral health issue arises, it can be challenging for families and individuals to determine a course of action. O’Connor Professional Group offers diagnostic assessments for clients; we also provide treatment placement consultations for clients interested in residential options, but who are unsure about which facility to choose. Finally, OPG provides multidisciplinary team consultations for complex cases (i.e., multiple co-occurring issues, concerns around a family business).


When an individual is unable or refuses to address a pattern of unhealthy behavior, family members, advisors, or employers may reach a point where they require professional help to facilitate a conversation, with the goal of getting an individual to accept help. OPG tailors the type and approach of the intervention, as well as the professionals involved to best address the presenting situation.


Case management and care coordination are crucial services for anyone struggling with a behavioral health issue. Individuals require cohesive plans with vetted, high-quality resources, and tailored, coordinated services to address their specific needs and to achieve long-term success. Many families, employers and advisors struggle with navigating the system and facilitating conversations between multiple professionals. OPG can offer case management and care coordination over the long term to individuals and their various support systems.


Any individual struggling with a behavioral health issue needs therapeutic support, but it is also important to have accountability tools built into aftercare treatment plans. Outcome studies suggest that individuals with substance use or addiction issues who participate in alcohol and/or drug monitoring have lower relapse rates than their counterparts. Clients with eating disorders may benefit from community-based support to ensure adherence to nutritionists’ meal plans. Finally, many clients struggle with effectively managing their finances and that process can be a source of frustration for family enterprise. OPG offers customized monitoring tools to address each of these needs.


OPG offers an array of short-term therapeutic training experiences for individuals and their support systems. These options range from supportive transitions from residential programs to in home eating disorder support. Intensives serve as home-based alternatives or step-downs from institutionally based clinical programs (e.g., intensive outpatient programs, family programs offered by residential treatment programs), and allow clients to work with their established clinical teams in their communities.


Executive Coaching helps individuals assess their long-term career and educational goals, increase their productivity and optimize their time. OPG services offers Executive Coaching tailored services in person or remotely to aid clients in achieving and maintaining successful careers.


Our therapeutic recovery coaching services include a broad array of activities that can help to ease a client’s transition to the community after a residential treatment or provide support as a complement to outpatient clinical services. Coaching services are tailored to a client’s specific diagnosis and can be delivered on a personalized schedule. O’Connor Professional Group matches the therapeutic coach to the client’s clinical profile and personal preferences. Our coaching services also assist clients with organization, time management, and executive functioning.


OPG Therapeutic Recovery Companions provide individuals with support to maintain independent, productive lives. Therapeutic Companions can respond rapidly to client needs, offer intensive support, stabilize individuals in crises and empower change while seamlessly blending into social and professional circles. They work collaboratively with aftercare treatment teams and are closely supervised.


Treatment for behavioral health issues focuses on the individual, while family members still need resources to manage their own reactions and emotions. OPG employs a “dual-track concept,” with separate professionals coaching the individual and his or her family members, to ensure that all parties find ways to heal. OPG also offers guidance to advisors, employers, and professionals when they encounter behavioral health issues in their work with families, colleagues or employees.