O’Connor Professional Group (OPG) offers a continuum of services to guide individuals and families through the behavioral health industry by providing concierge services to identify suitable treatment and aftercare options, and assist in creating and implementing sustainable recovery plans. We help address the needs of those struggling with behavioral health issues that include substance use disorders, mental health issues, eating disorders, and mood and personality disorders. OPG also supports individuals on the autism spectrum and young adults lacking clinical diagnoses, who are struggling with transitions to independence.

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OPG’s offerings include services such as planning Interventions, assigning Case Management, implementing Monitoring Services, and providing Therapeutic Coaching. Our goal is to help facilitate long-term behavioral change as a complement to clinical treatment.

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Why OPG?

Our mission at O’Connor Professional Group is to help individuals and families thrive in recovery. We help clients and families navigate the behavioral health industry to create, implement, and ensure a sustainable recovery path.

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