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Arden O’Connor Featured on Thrive Global

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on January 10, 2019

OPG’s CEO Arden O’Connor recently wrote a piece for Thrive Global entitled ‘A Sister’s Journey From the Professional to the Personal’. In this powerful piece, Arden shares her families personal journey in hopes it helps others in similar situations. In the piece, Arden uses her experience as a sister and a professional to outline 11 tips for families in similar situations as her own.  Here is a short excerpt from the piece:

“That meeting fundamentally shifted our family dynamic. There are a variety of factors that helped us to stop resisting and start accepting our reality. As they say in AA, we were sick and tired of being sick and tired. We also had an objective professional holding up a mirror, giving us data of how out of control the situation was. The interesting part about behavioral health issues is that many times, family members are as resistant to changing their dynamics as the individual is to adjusting his or her behavior. 

Chris’ story begs the question, “What is the answer?” I’m sure it’s the question you have and it is the question that every client asks. While I don’t have a magic formula, I do some learnings that I think are worth sharing. In an attempt to simplify an incredibly nuanced and complicated topic, I have created a Top 11 Tips List:  

  1. Openly discuss genetic predisposition towards mental illness or addiction — be honest about your family’s strengths and vulnerabilities.
  2. Identify and address signs of a behavioral health issue swiftly. 
  3. If a loved one is resistant to care, set small boundaries and stick to them until they become willing. Consider an intervention….”


Addiction and mental health issues affect us all in some way, knowing you’re not alone in the struggle is the first step in making lasting change. Take a look at the full piece here Here.



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