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OPG Recovery Coaches Featured on Common Ground Radio Show

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on June 30, 2014

Last week, our friends at Common Ground radio kindly invited two of our Therapeutic Recovery Coaches to be featured on a broadcast. Hands-on, community based support for addicts, alcoholics, eating disorder patients, and mental health patients is a topic of growing interest in the media. Martha Bebinger and WBUR’s CommonHealth blog recently ran a lengthy feature describing what a recovery coach does at Gosnold on Cape Cod.

At OPG, we have been doing this sort of hands on coaching work since 2011, and are happy to see more and more of our colleagues and those in the media covering this sort of work. It is still unfamiliar, even to many treatment professionals, but an increasing chorus of treaters advocate having these kinds of supports as an addendum to all kinds of traditional therapeutic modalities. Those who have completed, or have had a family member complete, a 30-90 inpatient treatment program will know the true difficulty often comes when returning to life in the community. That’s when the support of a recovery coach can be critical in maintaining the initial gains achieved in treatment.

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