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Burnout Is More Than Exhaustion For Executives And Professionals

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on April 19, 2018

Executives and professionals in high-demand occupations are prone to feeling exhausted. Exhaustion is a sign of stress and stress is a major contributing factor in addiction. Professionals feel the weight of their exhaustion and stress, then turn to mind altering substances to cope with their lack of energy, their stress, and the other feelings which come from being completely burned out. The General Social Survey of 2016 revealed some shocking information about exhaustion in the workplace, according to Business Insider. Work exhaustion is more prevalent today than it has been in the last 20 years and nearly half of people who are exhausted feel that their exhaustion is work related. Most interestingly, however, is the discovery of a particular correlation: exhausted professionals are lonely.

The article cites a book called “The Happiness Track” which enlightened the authors to a startling fact. At least half of people from all walks of professional life in all levels of professional demand are currently burned out. Professional burnout is typically considered exclusive to those professionals who are exceptionally busy, overwhelmed with their work load, or are in higher up positions. Business Insider suggests that everyone is experiencing burnout. Professionals and executives are exhausted, stressed, and lonely.

Loneliness is a problem, especially for professionals and executives in recovery from addiction, alcoholism, and any other mental health issues. Professionals who seek treatment of some kind and become educated about addiction recovery learn that loneliness is a primary trigger for relapse. Though one does not need to become codependent upon others, one does have to actively include others in their life, meet friends, build a recovery network, and stay away from isolating- which is easy to do upon return to the workforce. Combating loneliness is critical for a happy life. More than any other disease or condition of the human existence, loneliness can reduce longevity by 70%.

Workplaces and professionals alike are encouraged to build a more company culture-focused environment which doesn’t separate employees but brings them together in a celebratory, healthy, community style. For their recovery, professionals can work with their recovery assistants, case managers, sponsors, therapists, and other members of their team to develop a balanced schedule which includes time for self-care, emotional regulation, stress regulation, and interacting socially with others.

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Burnout Is More Than Exhaustion For Executives And Professionals

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