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Crisis Mental Health Supports and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Written by Margaret Stone
Published on February 28, 2024

In today’s business landscape, investment in employee well-being resources is essential to talent recruitment and retention. According to Mental Health America, nearly 98% of all mid to large companies in the US offer EAPs, yet average utilization is a remarkable 4 percent. Limited access to quality resources, availability of providers, and comprehensive care that can address a spectrum of behavioral and mental health needs are just some of the reasons why utilization remains low.

What is EAP?

Stigma fears around confidentiality, and the patience to navigate a system, particularly when struggling with a mental health issue, also add to the lackluster utilization. As we move through 2024, EAPs will need to expand to include more holistic solutions that factor in the complexities of mental and behavioral health issues and culturally responsive and inclusive
programs. A one-size-fits-all solution that was prevalent pre-pandemic does not work today and won’t survive going forward. Collaboration across vendors offers access to services that are responsive to the various needs of a diverse workforce and provides employees with multiple options that can address their unique issues.

Brain from wooden puzzles. Mental Health and problems with memory.

Mental Health at Work

With continued high rates of burnout and anxiety, timely access to crisis mental health resources has never been more significant. Employers and their EAPs must consider partnering with companies providing real-time consultations to discern the level of care and access to resources that address their unique needs. Most EAPs have limited access to global resources, no less a broad spectrum of mental and behavioral health providers with whom they have existing relationships. Strategic partners who can bridge the gap between what EAPs offer and what is needed in those critical moments can be game changers. Timing is everything for employees in distress, particularly for executives and leaders who value expediency. Asking for help is the first step and a tremendous leap of faith. Knowing there are discreet options that can expedite connection to appropriate levels of care can significantly impact outcomes.

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EAPs will continue to evolve with more flexible service options that offer employees a safe and confidential space to explore resources that eliminate wasted time and frustration and reinforce their
employer’s commitment to their overall health and well-being.
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