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Defining Each Phase Of Treatment Available To You: Detox- Intensive Outpatient

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on April 2, 2018

In following blogs, we will look at each phase of treatment more in-depth, providing you with an inside look at what each phase of treatment typically consists of, what to expect, and more. Navigating the variety of treatment options available can be overwhelming when there is someone in your life desperately needing care. O’Connor Professional Group offers specialized concierge services for treatment consultations, placement, and case management to help you create the best possible program for care to achieve the greatest outcomes.


Detox will not be the first phase of treatment for everyone. The need for detox depends on recency of use, severity of use, and individual circumstances. Detox is a stabilization period for individuals who are likely to endure severe symptoms of withdrawal. Undergoing withdrawals without medical and professional supervision can be life-threatening. Lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, this phase of treatment is focused on protecting the mind and body from the potential dangers of detox. Some therapy and recovery community support is offered. Until the drugs and alcohol are mostly out of the system, clinical treatment is largely ineffective. After an individual has been cleared, they can focus on a new program of care.

Residential Inpatient

Residential inpatient is considered the highest level of care in treatment. Typically, this level of care is recommended for individuals who may be a threat to themselves, their sobriety, or to others, by continuing to live at home. At residential, an individual lives on-site, under the 24/7 care of trained nurses, medical staff, and support staff. Meals are provided for, medication is managed professionally, and doctors all visit on site. Residential daily activities will vary among different forms of therapy, physical activity, holistic healing, recreation, and education. Family and friends can visit, call, and send care packages in most cases.

Partial Hospitalization

“Day treatment” is a term used to describe partial hospitalization. This program includes most of the activities and therapies of residential inpatient without the room and board. Individuals still have access to doctors, nurses, and support staff, as well as some holistic healing practices. Mostly, the day is filled with various therapy treatments, group therapy, and individual therapy, as well as education. Individuals are responsible for recovery support meetings, room and board, and transportation. Some PHP programs may provide on-site medical services and medication management.

Intensive Outpatient

Also called “IOP”, intensive outpatient programs are the most widely available and customizable programs of care. Some programs meet daily while others meet multiple times a week. IOP still utilizes proven therapy methods including group therapies, experiential therapies, and more. Individuals may live in transitional or sober living homes while they attend programs either in the daytime or evening time. When individuals enter the workplace again, IOP is an ideal supplement. For individuals who need a minimal amount of care for their recovery, IOP can be a primary treatment form.

Our next blog, will generally define outpatient, transitional living, sober living, and concierge services as phases of treatment.


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Defining Each Phase Of Treatment Available To You: Detox- Intensive Outpatient

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