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Four More Common Causes Of Relapse

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on May 22, 2018

Relapse can be a moment or a process which results in turning back to the thought patterns and behaviors which necessitated recovery in the first place. Here are four more common causes of relapse.

Losing Sight Of Gratitude

Gratitude is an essential component for a healthy recovery. Without gratitude it is easy to ask yourself the question “Why bother?” If you aren’t grateful for your recovery, the good and the bad, then it is all too easy to say “I shouldn’t bother at all”. Recovery isn’t always easy. Recovery is not a certification that life will be easy and pleasant at all times. What recovery does do is teach you how to be present through all of it and be grateful for all of it at the same exact time. Your recovery is your new life and for that you can be grateful.

Falling Out Of A Recovery Routine

O’Connor Professional Group excels in helping you custom create a path of treatment and a recovery lifestyle which specifically meets your unique needs. No two people come to recovery, recover, or live out their lifestyle of recovery the same exact way. You work hard to discern what serves you and what doesn’t serve you on your journey to recovery. Along the way you pick up small parts of what becomes your recovery routine. This routine is what helps you stabilize, stay grounded, and present every day of your recovery. Ongoing, this routine acts like a treatment plan you give to yourself. When you fall out of your routine, you fall out of your treatment for your recovery. You stop treating yourself, meaning you stop giving yourself the little therapy moments you need to support your recovery. As a result, you slip back into old ways of thinking- the very ways of thinking you worked so hard to overcome.

Not Doing “The Work”

There is no one way to define exactly what “the work” is. You’ll hear that term frequently in recovery. You have to be willing to do “the work” and let “the work” change your life. Simply described, “the work” is all of the internal work you do through various treatments and therapy approaches which help you find healing. Emotional, mental, and psychological work is taxing. You are doing heavy lifting in your mind and soul, which can cause exhaustion. Easing off of “the work” is tempting and ignoring any more progress even more so. Quickly you’ll find that you regress instead of progress.

Stressful Life Events

You learn to live “life on life’s terms” as it is called in recovery, coping with all of the ups and downs life has to offer. Life can be extremely stressful, tragic, and traumatic. Stressful life events do happen. Coping with them doesn’t always look perfect or graceful. Getting through them without relapsing is all that matters.

Relapse does happen. If you have relapsed and are in need of a new approach to treatment and recovery, call O’Connor Professional Group today. Offering concierge behavioral health services, we work with your specific needs to custom curate a plan of treatment and recovery, from treatment placement to therapeutic recovery companions. Call us today for information: 617.910.3940

Four More Common Causes Of Relapse

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