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Graduating During a Pandemic: Being a Member of the Class of 2020

Written by Hannah Woods
Published on August 12, 2020

Taking photos, last moments with the friends you have made over the past few years, walking down the aisle to receive your diploma. These are a few things we graduates of the year 2020 have missed out on. Still feeling proud of yourself for making it this far, but not being rewarded in front of a crowd of people with your friends and family supporting you. This is a tough time for everyone around the world, but for the graduating class of 2020, it is sad in a different kind of way.

Covid-19 is causing a very serious and scary time for the whole world. People are severely ill, and some people are even dying. Knowing this, it makes us graduates feel selfish for being upset that we are unable to finish off our senior years and have a graduation. Although this time is one of the most significant steps in our lives, so we have the right to be upset that it was interrupted.

For high school graduates, going into their first year of college should be nerve-wracking and exciting. Although, most students entering their freshman year might have to acclimate learning online, ruining the experience of moving into a dorm, making new friends, and meeting people face-to-face in their college courses. Not only do high school students miss out on graduation, but they also miss out on Senior Prom and other activities their high school may have had planned.

For college graduates, it is hard enough to find a job after first graduating college. Some of us still are unsure of what we want to do, while others know exactly what they want but must find the right place to work. During this pandemic, finding a job is even more difficult since most places are not hiring, and even more places are working remotely. This creates a lot of stress among these students and contributes to struggles with mental health that can make the transition to the working world even more challenging. College graduates also miss out on not only a graduation, but last moments with friends you may never see again.

Personally, I went to school three hours away from home, while most of the friends I made were from around the area. Since being kicked off campus due to Covid-19, I have not seen any of my college roommates or friends. Some of those people I will never see again since we will all be moving on with our lives and careers.

Next time you see someone who has recently graduated from high school or college, congratulate them! If you see a sign on the front lawn, honk! Let them know that their accomplishments have not gone unseen, and that their hard work and dedication is appreciated.

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