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Kicking Addiction Out Of The Family Business

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on April 11, 2018

Addiction doesn’t discriminate based on any circumstance or condition. Even the most successful of family businesses can become riddled by a loved one’s addiction. Kicking addiction out of the family business starts first and foremost by getting an addicted loved one help, then creating a path of recovery for the family at home, as well as at work.

Your addicted loved one needs help

The first step in kicking addiction out of the family business is to get your loved one the help they need, no matter their position in the company. Families who wait too long to get a loved one help face serious consequences. Their loved one can destroy the company morale, reputation, relationships, and family dynamic. Worse, if family tensions continue to increase, the addicted loved one may continue to turn toward their destructive behaviors for coping. The ultimate risk with a loved one who is experiencing addiction is overdose and loss of life. Never be mistaken, addiction is a progressive and fatal disease of the mind and body. Addiction does not expire, it simply terminates.

Your family must come together and create a plan to get your loved one the help they need. Families who run a business together often turn to professional services like the ones we offer at O’Connor Professional Group. Planning an intervention, choosing a treatment plan, and coordinating the various components of a comprehensive recovery path are tedious. Families need to focus on their loved ones health and the health of their business.

Your family needs help, too

The health of the family is equally as important as the health of an addicted loved one and the family business. Addiction is called a family disease because it affects everyone who is involved in an addicted loved one’s life. Everyone in the family has the opportunity to start their own personal journey to recovery once an addicted loved one gets the help they need. Therapy is recommended for everyone in the family individually as well as a group. Support groups like Al-Anon offer community and solidarity for family members who are coping with a loved one’s addiction.

Your business needs help

It is true that addiction is a family disease and everyone is affected by it. Addiction in the workplace might belong to someone who is part of your family. Your family member is still part of the business family. If there are employees who are not blood-related, they are still part of a work family. Consequently, they are affected by addiction in the workplace as well. Work is where your employees spend many hours of their day. The workplace needs to be a place of safety for everyone. Addiction in the managing family tends to disrupt that sanctity. Have open dialogues with your employees about the effect the addiction has had on them. Invite your employees to offer suggestions for repairing the workplace, improving communication, and restoring the company morale. Listen for any serious signs of mental health strain and make sure every employee is familiar with their behavioral health benefits should they seek therapy.

Let the O’Connor Professional Group take the guesswork out of putting a treatment plan together. Our combined personal and professional experience empowers us to empower you with a private consultation and customized plan of action for getting the help you need. Call us today for information: 617 910-3940

Kicking Addiction Out Of The Family Business

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