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Life After Treatment: An Executive Journey

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on March 15, 2018

Thanks to the hard work of American legislators, there are laws in place which help people who need treatment for mental or behavioral health issues. These various laws help you do a few things when it comes to your job and your need to recover from a mental health issue:

  • You are protected in your right to take a leave of absence to seek treatment
  • You are ensured a position at your company when you return which provides you with an equal or greater compensation
  • Your privacy is protected by your treatment providers and is required to be protected by your employer
  • You cannot be fired or otherwise discriminated against for having a mental health or behavioral health issue, or for taking time for treatment

Millions upon millions of dollars are lost every year in the United States due to mental health issues. Gone untreated, mental and behavioral health disorders can cause a severe lack of productivity in the workplace. Showing up to work, performing at work, or otherwise fulfilling the responsibilities of an employment position can be hard to do when you are suffering mentally. Unaware of their rights, many people continue to suffer in their work life and their personal life out of fear for losing their job. Not only is your current job available after recovery, but a whole world of possibilities for employment is available as well.

Some people have found the job of their dreams which suits all of their needs. Others have made a lifetime career and are eager to return to it after treatment. There are some, however, for whom treatment is a completely transformational experience. Who go into treatment as is not the same as who they come out of treatment as. Dreams, goals, and new life ambitions can be unleashed during treatment, pointing you in a new direction with a new plan and a new way of living.

Executive coaching can help you assess your long-term goals for your career, your personal development, and your education. With the support of our team at O’Connor Professionals group, you can create a tailor made plan for your life, from treatment to life after treatment and beyond. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a successful career, and a successful recovery.

Taking the guesswork out of treatment helps you focus on your recovery. From consultations and treatment planning to executive coaching and monitoring programs, our concierge style services empower you to create your best life. Call us today for information: (617) 910-3940

Life After Treatment: An Executive Journey

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