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OPG CEO and Founder, Arden O’Connor, Featured in Barron’s Financial and Investment News 

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on April 10, 2019

O’Connor Professional Group CEO and Founder, Arden O’Connor, was recently featured in an article from Barron’s, “Addiction: The New Retirement Threat”. The article discusses how tens of millions of Americans suffer from addiction, but it is more prevalent in people with money. According to psychology researcher, Dr. Suniya Luthar from Arizona State University, teens from affluent communities have serious dependence issues that “are two or three times the national norms”. Certainly, it is extremely difficult to get a family member battling with addiction the help that they need. Having more money can make things even more complicated – families can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, ruin their credit, and deplete their retirement accounts, but their loved one may still be no closer to long-term recovery. According to OPG CEO, Arden O’Connor, one of the reasons for this is that when families keep funding and shielding the addict, this teaches them that they will be rescued, so they take increasingly significant risks”.  

Arden O’Connor founded O’Connor Professional Group because of her family’s experience dealing with the treatment system, a system that she found has many issues; it is difficult, confusing, and overwhelming. Arden’s brother Chris struggled with addiction for many years. Chris was in 15 long-term residential facilities, used 30 different clinical professionals, and tried 25 different medications. Arden and Chris’ father, Peter, says that he bets “half of the $600,000 to $700,000 [that they] spent was wasted”. It’s these experiences that drive the O’Connor Professional Group’s goal of helping families face the challenges of navigating the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry 

 When families are faced with what seems to be a series of impossible questions, OPG can be there to help answer them. OPG’s multidisciplinary team of trained professionals create individualized, customized approaches to identify suitable treatment and aftercare options, as well as, assist in creating and implementing sustainable recovery plans 

If you think you or someone you know could benefit from our services at O’Connor Professional Group, reach out to us at 617-221-8507 or intake@oconnorpg.com for more information  


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