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Relapse Prevention for the Whole Family.

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on July 31, 2018

If you want help from family members you are going to have to be candid and ask for it.  Your family members are dealing with issues themselves about your recovery and are trying to be there for you.  Everyone has a part to play in your recovery. While you can’t control others you can control yourself. Improving those areas you struggle with is important towards rebuilding a relationship with your family after recovery.

The first step is for you to recognize it is not only you that has struggled with your addiction but that it has also had a huge effect on those that love you.  If you come from a family that has not struggled with addictions your family is at a loss as to how to cope with it. The responsibility will then fall on you to help your family understand your addiction.  Providing your family with written materials about your addiction gives them a higher understanding of what you have struggled with. Let them know if they want to talk to you about the information you are available to do so. This lets your family know you are serious about re-establishing family ties and you are including them in your recovery. As your family gains insight into your addiction it will also help reduce those excessive emotions family members tend to harbor about recovery.  

If you come from a co-dependent family system you may at first feel overwhelmed with support.  If that is the case you need to be open and honest about your feelings. Often times members of a co-dependent family blame themselves for your addictions.  This also burdens the family with feelings of guilt, sorrow and remorse and they may unintentionally overstep boundaries in trying to prove to you they feel responsible, in part, for your addiction.

Communicating with your family and asking them to stay in communication with you also lets your family know that you are serious about your recovery.  It also sends a clear message that you are okay with being alone during this processing time but that you will be certain to stay in touch to assure them of your progress.

The biggest hurdle to overcome, however, may be the reality that you may need to control your emotions when dealing with your family.  Understand recovery can be a highly emotionally charged situation for not only you but your family members as well.

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Relapse Prevention for the Whole Family.

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