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Ways Work Life Improves With Recovery as a Professional

Written by O'Connor Professional Group
Published on April 4, 2018

Addiction and mental health struggles are many things and develop for many reasons. Each professional’s path to their addiction is different. Commonly, however, addiction is a means for survival. Unfortunately, addiction evolves into a need for survival. Addiction no longer supports the need to survive but becomes needed to survive as it transforms the survival operations center of the brain, the midbrain. After addiction ends and recovery begins, professionals can return to the workforce. Work life improves innumerably when you are a professional in recovery.

Perform in your career path with a renewed sense of purpose

You might have started using drugs and alcohol in the hope that these substance would enhance your performance at your job. At first, they might have. Drugs and alcohol might have worked to numb the emotional pain you were experiencing, cope with the stress of your career, or provided some other benefit. As a result, you did better at work, for a while. Professionals can experience highs in their career with the help of substance abuse, but their achievements are undermined by the pain and suffering caused by addiction or struggles with mental health. Eventually, addiction and mental health take away from job performance and from life as a whole.

Life in recovery helps you be the best professional in your career path you have ever been. Perhaps your numbers aren’t the same. Perhaps your working hours are different. However, your presence, your commitment, your clarity of mind, and your total peace within yourself has never been better. As a result, you are more deeply connected to your job, your patients, your clients, your employees, your support staff. No longer are you sick and suffering at the hands of addiction or mental health. Liberated, recovering, and given a structure for healing, you are able to work anew with a rejuvenated vigor.

Reduced stress in every area

Hiding an addiction is stressful. Lying, manipulating, stealing, cheating, and avoiding are stressful behaviors which infinitely multiply. Managing the falsehoods of your life to present a coherent truth becomes exponentially more difficult the longer that addiction or a mental health struggle progresses. Trying to perform in a job or care for others, lead and manage a team, follow orders and maintain accountability- all of these daily tasks are considerably more stressful when you are under the influence of mind altering substances. More importantly, hiding the truth of your life from yourself and from others is exhausting.

Treatment is a time of great rest and restoration. Recovery is a lifelong process of stress management, stress regulation, and stress reduction. From your work responsibilities to the responsibilities you hold to yourself, your stress is greatly reduced. Evidence based therapeutic techniques, holistic healing practices, executive coaching, and personal guidance keep you as stress-free as possible in your work life.


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Ways Work Life Improves With Recovery as a Professional

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