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Why Treatment Placement Services Can Be Necessary

Written by Max Roberts
Published on January 21, 2019

There is no way around it: the numbers of people struggling with substance abuse and other behavioral health issues are on the rise. Chances are, you or someone you know has had struggles with addiction or mental health. These struggles do not discriminate and affect people from all walks of life and across the socio-economic spectrum. Given the pervasive nature of these issues and their effect on almost all our lives, a multi-billion dollar per year recovery industry has sprung up. Navigating that industry is, at a minimum, complicated and more often than not completely overwhelming. It is because of this that treatment placement services can be invaluable.

The mental/ behavioral health treatment industry has many stellar businesses, programs, agencies, and organizations that are truly dedicated to helping those they serve, operating with integrity and clinically informed care. However, and unfortunately, this industry is also littered with programs that instead focus on getting people through the door and not on helping the individual or family during what is a very vulnerable time. Telling the difference between a high-quality program and a low-quality one only can be extremely difficult. Even when quality treatment is identified as a second challenging question remains: Is this the right choice for me or my loved one?

This combination of a) finding good quality treatment and b) determining if that treatment is right for you or a loved one is what makes navigating the industry so hard. Treatment for behavioral health issues, such as substance use, mental health, and eating disorders, is expensive and often even the most resourced families can see savings disappear due to making poor treatment choices.

It is here that treatment placement services can help. Treatment placement services provide the wisdom, experience, and expertise necessary when making that crucial decision for yourself or a loved one. A quality treatment placement service is done in three important ways, 1) Fully understanding yours, or a loved ones, clinical picture 2) Utilizing and leveraging intimate knowledge of therapeutic programs across the country and 3) Guidance and expertise throughout the admissions process.

The first step is fully understanding your clinical needs. A good treatment placement service will take the time to do a “deep dive” into your, or a loved one, clinical history, current presenting problem, and what you’d like in treatment facility. Any client’s voice is an essential component of providing the direction of future services, and it is imperative for any company attempting to place someone to have a deep and clear understanding of how they got to that point. Once this information has been gathered programs can begin to be vetted for appropriate fit.

During this vetting process having a deep knowledge of treatment programs is key. By knowing the intimate details programs can be matched up to your needs. From knowing everything from the clinical modalities practiced, to pricing, to the type of food served ensure you are being referred to a place that is right for you.

Having this knowledge of the program and ensuring it’s a fit for you allows for any potential issues that arise during the admissions process can quickly be dealt with. Treatment placement services allow you to know that you are not alone in the complex treatment world. From initial conversations about the presenting issue to acceptance into a quality program that fits your needs, treatment placement service give you an industry expert in your corner.

More information about O’Connor Professional Group’s treatment placement services can be found here.

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