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O’Connor Professional Group is a concierge service and does not accept insurance. We do our best to help clients find treatment providers who accept insurance.

Approximately one in every fifty-four children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; a limited number of individuals in that group receive the treatment and care that they need.

OPG Autism Spectrum Disorder Services include options targeted to individuals and families seeking support and services for a loved one with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder may have a co-occurring mental health condition or other behavioral issues, which can be addressed through OPG services.

Summary of Private Autism Spectrum Disorder Services

OPG offers customized, private services to individuals and family members; these services can be offered in-person or remote. Please refer to the below services for more information.


When Autism Spectrum Disorder is present, it can be challenging for families and individuals to determine a course of action. O’Connor Professional Group offers assessments for clients and their families; we also provide treatment consultations for clients interested in finding the correct providers for their loved ones. Finally, OPG provides multidisciplinary team consultations for complex cases (i.e., multiple co-occurring issues, concerns around a family business). Additionally, consultations include:

  • Gathering of clinical history from family, therapeutic providers, and individuals
  • Development of a plan for clinical, educational, vocational, independent living and social resources

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Case management and care coordination are crucial services for individuals and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Individuals require cohesive plans with vetted, high-quality resources, and tailored, coordinated services to address their specific needs and to achieve long-term success. Many families and advisors struggle with navigating the system and facilitating conversations between multiple professionals. OPG can offer case management and care coordination over the long term to individuals and their various support systems. Additionally, case management services include:

  • Coordination of services
  • Assistance forming a clinical team
  • Facilitation of communication between providers and family members
  • Creation of short- and long-term goals, monitoring of progress
  • Coordination of services 
  • Interface with insurance company/funding sources
  • Review of current health status and coordination of appointments with appropriate medical specialists
  • Exploration of appropriate living environments and housing options



The O’Connor Professional Group recognizes that children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder require individualized educational plans that incorporate behavioral health support. We are pleased to offer educational support services to families with children and young adults on the Autism spectrum. Our educational coaches and educational support professionals will help craft an individualized support plan that covers each student’s unique needs, offered both virtually and in-person.

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Our other therapeutic coaching services include a broad array of activities that help clients transition and maintain a healthy routine and structure. O’Connor Professional Group matches the therapeutic coach to the client’s clinical profile and personal preferences. Our coaching services can assist clients with organization, time management, and executive functioning. Your therapeutic coaching plan may include:

  • Coping and interpersonal skill development (e.g., stress tolerance)
  • Vocational coaching (e.g., job searching, resume writing, volunteer placements)
  • Educational support (e.g., applying to schools, completing assignments)
  • Exploring fields of interest and online academic options
  • Executive functioning coaching (e.g., time management, organization)
  • Exposure work in conjunction with a clinical team
  • Socialization (e.g., connections to appropriate peer networks)
  • Nutritional and fitness guidance
  • Anxiety and stress management 
  • Support with building positive social networks
  • Interpersonal skill development and education on building healthy relationships
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Medication management
  • Development of independent living skills
  • Support around exploration of personal identity and lifestyle choices
  • Interfacing with insurance company/funding sources

Learn more about what private autism coaching with OPG involves in this introductory video by O’Connor Professional Group Clinical Case Manager Dave Carrigan.



OPG therapeutic companions provide individuals with personalized, one-on-one support to maintain independent, productive lives. Therapeutic companions can respond rapidly to client needs, offer intensive support, stabilize individuals in crises, and empower change while seamlessly blending into social and professional circles. They work collaboratively with aftercare treatment teams and are closely supervised. Features of our therapeutic companion services include:

  • 24/7 in-person support
  • Long and short term availability
  • Nationally and international availability in a timely manner
  • Knowledgeable professionals capable of rapidly developing rapport even in the most challenging of circumstances
  • Supported by an administrative infrastructure that allows for smooth logistical planning, service coordination, and client safety
  • Trained and supervised closely by OPG clinical supervisors
  • Collaborative with multidisciplinary teams that may include advisors, lawyers, clinical professionals, family members, and/or employers
  • Matched to a range of clinical needs, personality profiles, and interests
  • Skilled at navigating high-risk situations and troubleshooting client crises

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Treatment for behavioral health issues focuses on the individual, while family members still need resources to manage their own reactions and emotions. OPG employs a “dual-track concept,” with separate professionals coaching the individual and his or her family members, to ensure that all parties find ways to heal. OPG also offers guidance to advisors, employers, and professionals when they encounter behavioral health issues in their work with families, colleagues, or employees. Additionally, family, advisor, and employer services include:

  • Education on diagnosis
  • Crisis management
  • Support on developing and holding healthy boundaries



  • Review of past treatment history
  • Selection and facilitation of admission into appropriate inpatient, residential, and apartment-based programs
  • Placements into therapeutic schools, residential and transitional programs, and housing options


To see how a sample Autism Spectrum Disorder support plan can come together with the help of our team, read our Autism Spectrum case study.


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